Monday, March 11, 2019

One Step at a Time

As you can probably guess, I'm not getting anywhere fast. I'm still struggling with fatigue and executive function failure, but I am making slow progress on Folds in Life and Death. What I've written so far has been edited. I still have several things to accomplish before publishing the collection. These things included:
  1. Finish writing "Paper Faces." I have probably another 2,000 words to go in that story. I also need to write the book's description and an acknowledgements' page.
  2. Self-edit "Paper Faces" and send the collection to my critique partner.
  3. Implement my CP's suggestions and do a Kindle proofread.
  4. Format for print and do a print proofread.
  5. Make necessary changes in the print/election formats and publish.
As you can see, I have decided to make a print book of the collection. For one, I want to see how publishing in print is through KDP instead of Createspace. For two, I like having a print copy for myself, and I think this collection will just be long enough for a small book (100-150 pages).

So I'm shooting for a spring launch (hopefully by April). *crosses fingers*

I've turned off comments on this post as I still have many blogs to catch up on. Plus, I would like to point you to my post on Untethered Realms. I talked about the inspiration behind the stories in Folds in Life and Death.