Wednesday, October 7, 2015

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The writing is still going well. I've been writing every single day since July 1, mainly between two projects, although I had three in September. But within the next few months, I will have my secondary project slot empty. Here is where my insecurity lies.

Once I finished the first draft of The Mission (The Gaia Project 1.1), the short story "On Day 168" slipped into the second spot. As soon as I complete that first draft, I've recently decided to write the bonus woodwose section that will appear in The Fate Challenges boxed set. I figure those chapters will take me through November and maybe even into December. But what should I write after that?

I have several projects I could rewrite, including The Cassandra Project series (3 books, NA Paranormal Suspense), Fall of Gravity series (3 books, YA Sci-fi), or a horror short story collection. All except the last book in The Cassandra Project series have been written, but ALL need major rewrites, which would involve rereading through the stories, writing new outlines, and writing the books.

But do I want to rewrite old work? I just don't know. There is a thrill in exploring something new. I have so many series I want to write one of these days, including To the Future series (4 books, YA Urban Fantasy), Tides of Fortune series (9 books, Epic Fantasy), Paranormal Freaks series (2 books, YA Horror), Less Than Princess Perfect (4 books, Epic Fantasy), etc. Of course, any new series I write will need planning before writing, especially anything within a different world.

Do I even want to work on a series? I know series sell better than standalone novels, but I'd love to write the standalone book No More Than Shadows (YA Alt. World Fantasy) one of these days. I'm sure there is something quite pleasurable in writing a novel to completion and knowing that's it, that I don't have to stress over the next book and the next within the series.

So that's where I am at with my insecurities this month. Too many choices. All requiring a lot of work and dedication and pre-planning that I need to work on now before I end up with no second project and nothing planned. Of course, it's not a terrible thing to have too many ideas, but they can end up very overwhelming. (Not that I have to have a second project of course, but I like the feeling of accomplishment of working on more than one story at a time. I've stood still for far too long.)

What are your insecurities?

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