Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Sharpening the Creative Mind #IWSG

The IWSG was created by Alex J. Cavanaugh. November's co-hosts are Ellen @ The Cynical Sailor, Ann V. Friend, JQ Rose, and Elizabeth Seckman. Please follow the other participants.
November's IWSG optional question: How has your creativity in life evolved since you began writing?

A person prone to daydreaming and even more vivid dreams, I've always felt creative. Writing, however, was not something I was interested in doing for a very long time. Yet the characters were there, and after ten years of online roleplaying games, I delved into writing my own works.

There were starts and stumbles. I had, and still have, so much to learn, but each day I feel like I grow more creative. I delve with more purpose into the characters I create and their complex lives. I can't imagine not spending time with them. They help me piece together our world.

As for insecurities, I am slowly making more progress after months of working on Elements of Untethered Realms as well as going through an autistic burnout. I still am exhausted most weekends, but I'm working toward writing more regularly.

What are your insecurities this month?

So last month, I was working on a short story as well as planning to set my sights on the next Untethered Realms' anthology. I didn't touch my plans for UR Worlds, but I did complete one scene out of three in my short story. Unfortunately, I still have not completed said story in time to submit to a certain anthology.

The good news is I am making progress in the story, which was named "Fade In... Fade Out" but is now called "Paper Faces." The story leans toward YA contemporary romance and was loosely connected to the town from my Once upon a Nightmare collection. Now I'm going back through and adding some Paperist touches because I've decided early next year to release "Paper Faces" as part of a short story collection titled Folds in Life and Death. The collection will also include the stories from my paper magics' world that are previously published: "Folds in Life and Death" from Parallels: Felix Was Here, "Paper Lanterns" from Mayhem in the Air, and "The Folding Point" from Spirits in the Water.

I am also trying to keep up with writing a bit a day, so I've set a 15 minute writing goal every day for the month of November. So far, so good. With any luck, I'll finish the first draft of "Paper Faces" and will be able to start outlining Entangled for UR Worlds.

What are your goals for November? Good luck to those participating in NaNoWriMo!

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