Monday, June 10, 2019

Same Thing Equals Same Outcome and a Hiatus

These past few months I've had the same goal: Get Folds in Life and Death ready for publication. And each month, I have not completed that one goal.

Well, it's a bigger goal with lots of smaller parts. I see the list of these smaller parts, and I get overwhelmed. An overwhelmed Cherie is an avoidant Cherie. I've been avoiding social media, emails, visiting blogs, and, of course, working on Folds in Life and Death. Then, I feel guilty about avoiding things I need to do, which just furthers my desire to complete them. And then I realize how far behind I am, so I get into my head that I must do all the things, but it makes me even more overwhelmed. It's a vicious cycle hampered by my overall lack of energy.

But I do need to change all that. So I'm going to try to narrow my approach to my to-do list. One item at a time. Put the blinders on and try to forget the other 99 things on the list. We'll see how it goes.

So I'll have a chance to catch up, I'm taking July and August off from blogging. I'll be back on September 9.

What are your goals? Or are you avoiding them like I am?

And I'll leave you with some good news. My sister finished writing her first novel in May! She sent it to a contest, so keep your fingers crossed for her.