Monday, April 8, 2019

Just Keep Swimming, Um, I Mean Writing

So, yeah, here we are at a new month. I do feel the tide turning a bit as it comes to my exhaustion and executive functioning. Maybe the arrival of Spring will help me finish up Folds in Life and Death. *crosses fingers*

I still have the same goals as last month. Finish writing "Paper Faces" and then editing it after my critique partner reads it. Proofread the collection. I'm going to hold off on the paperback book a bit, though. My day job is letting me learn Photoshop, so I want to use it to create the paperback cover, which I will do after I take a six-week introductory class in Photoshop.

So I might be able to get Folds in Life and Death out in the next few weeks. Maybe. We'll see.

What are your April goals?

Oh, I do want to share something with you. The class I'm taking is from a site called They have so many different colleges and classes to choose from. The prices are reasonable too. I'm doing mine through Virginia Western Community College, which I attended just after high school. The classes don't count as credits, but they will appear on transcripts. I'm hoping work will pay for the two Photoshop ones, but I also want to do the American Sign Language class, one on introductory drawing, and one on doing research as a writer.

Have you tried any classes on ed2go before or something like that?

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