Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fantasy Tuesdays: Taming Werewolves with Douglas R. Brown, author of TAMED


Please welcome author Douglas R. Brown to the blog! His newest novel Tamed involves werewolves as pets.

From idea to publication, how long did Tamed take you?
About 2 and a half years. But that was because it wasn't my writing focus at the time. I was working on Tamed in between writing and seeking a publisher for my The Light of Epertase trilogy. I submitted Tamed last May or June and it was released on Jan. 26 of this year.

Congratulations on The Light of Epertase trilogy too! The idea of werewolves as pets fascinates me. How are your werewolves different from the typical werewolf? How are they similar?
Great questions. Hopefully, it fascinates everyone. My werewolves are different than other werewolves in that the WereHouse (company selling the werepets) has found a way to prevent the creatures from returning to their human form, figured out a way to domesticate them like a dog, and then convinced the wealthier parts of our society that they make great pets. Physically, my werewolves are more like the creatures in The Howling than the ones in Twilight.

My werewolves are similar to the typical werewolves in stories in their ferocity when they break their tames. Of course, that would never happen though, right? Am I telling too much here?

Of course the cute little werepets wouldn't break their tames. *winks* How did you come about to write fantasy?

I am a firefighter/paramedic by trade. My first book (unpublished) was written to help me deal with a horrific emergency call where a 6 year-old boy died. (I write about that call here if you'd like to read.) When I finished writing that book, I knew I wanted to continue writing, but I didn't want to write about the real world as much. I have always enjoyed fantasy and thought it would give me an escape along with an escape for my readers. I still write about the fire department on occasion over at my blog and some of the stories are quite comical, if I do say so myself. Feel free to follow.

Yes, everyone go and follow! What do you have forthcoming?

The second book in my The Light of Epertase trilogy is finished and will release in August of this year. I am currently neck-deep in writing Epertase 3 which will release in August of 2013. Other than that, I have a few WIP's that when I figure out how to write 5 books at once, I'll get to. Currently, I am only contracted for Tamed and my trilogy, so I don't know what will come after that.

Best wishes for your books! I'm curious about what people read. If you could recommend any book, what book would that be?

If you are a writer, I recommend On Writing by Stephen King. It is my favorite book of all time and the only book I have read more than 3 times (besides my Fire department promotional material). I like Brandon Sanderson and Stephen King quite a bit. I'm currently reading The Hunger Games and though I think it is good, I don't find the idea too terribly unique.

Thank you so much for having me over to your blog. I loved your questions and thank you for such a wonderful review of Tamed.

I plan to read Stephen King's On Writing this month, and I've been meaning to read The Hunger Games too.

Congratulations on Tamed, and I look forward to reading more works from you.

Douglas R. Brown is a fantasy writer who lives in Pataskala, Ohio. He began writing more than five years ago as a cathartic way of dealing with the day-to-day stresses of life as a firefighter/paramedic for the Columbus Division of Fire. Now he focuses his writing on fantasy, where he draws on his lifelong love of the genre. He has been married for 14 years and has a son and two dogs. 

Werewolves are real.

And they make excellent pets.

Owning one of the legendary creatures is the latest fad. The WereHouse insists their werepets are loyal, docile, and 100% safe, but what happens when these gentle giants turn on their masters?

While on a routine EMS call, paramedic Christine Alt is attacked by a rogue werepet. She escapes with her life, but the encounter leaves her with more than just scars. As her body begins to change, she discovers the WereHouse is hiding a terrible secret, and they will stop at nothing to keep her from exposing them.

Tamed is a werewolf tale with a twist from the author of the The Light of Epertase trilogy.


Christine Rains said...

Great interview! I love the idea of having werewolves as pets. Such an original idea. Oh the fun of playing fetch with one of them! Good luck with your writing, Douglas.

Nicole Zoltack said...

I love the premise of your story! It sounds right up my alley.

Jennifer Hillier said...

Fabulous interview! And I love the twist on the traditional werewolf tale. What a great premise.

Sarah Pearson said...

Thanks, Cherie, for introducing me to Douglas. This book sounds like a great twist on the Werewolf idea. Off to follow his blog :-)

Selah Janel said...

Great interview! This sounds like a fabulous read - I'll definitely have to check it out!