Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday's Writing Update

Wow. Just one more day left until the end of September. I can already feel November looming over me, and I keep thinking I have so much I need to do and not enough time to do it before NaNoWriMo. *breathes* Okay, much better.

I finished editing and reading through "Melek Katili" on Monday, and I submitted it to ARe's Just One Bite writing contest. They are supposed to pick the 32 semifinalists tomorrow. Yep, tomorrow as in September 30th. I really hope my story is picked. At this point in my writing, I couldn't have written a better one for the contest, but I am trying to remind myself that paranormal romance isn't my typical genre. I probably didn't even know what I was doing, and thus probably have very little chance.

I've been working slowly on "Lady Death" for Rogue Blade Entertainment's Assassins anthology. The deadline isn't until November 30th, but if they have enough stories, they'll close it on October 1st. They only look at the first 500 words, and mine are so ready to be sent, but I want to finish the story before sending my 500 words. My goal is to finish the story by Friday, so I can go ahead and submit my entry. I will still have time afterwards to polish it up a bit.

Next week from Thursday to Saturday, I'll be attending my first writing conference. I am already getting anxious, scared, nervous, worried, and, yes, excited about it. I must admit I'm worried about the hotel and parking as well as my time pitching to an agent. I think it'll be fine once I get there and check into the hotel and have all that straightened out. I know people going from the Valley Writers group. I feel like I should have been planning much earlier, though, for this. For one, buying business cards from VistaPrint isn't expensive, but shipping them is. Instead of picking my cool designs I posted earlier on my blog, I created something at Staples, and I'll pick them up today during lunch. I do like my card choice; it's a dark purple sky with a lightning bolt, which I thought fit what I write and my favorite color. I got 100 of them, which was the lowest amount you can order. Once they are almost gone, I'll be buying some from VistaPrint and choosing the cheapest and longest shipping available. I just didn't have time this time. Oh, well. I plan to post about my experiences at the conference. I do wish I had one of my novels perfectly polished when I pitch them, but I ran out of time. Does anyone have a time turner they can loan me? *laughs* It'll be fine. *breathes*

Also, on Sunday night, I finished reading Lisa Rusczyk's Chasing the Dark. This novel will be published by Passionate Writer Publishing, and it's supposed to be released on October 25. You can read my review of her novel here.

By the way, October's Flash Fiction Fridays will revolve around horror. Be prepared to be scared. I hope. In a good way. *grins*

Well, I'm off to get some writing done. *crosses fingers*


Nicole Zoltack said...

Stop worrying about the conference, writing conferences are a blast. And tha's something for me to say, because usually I'm an introvert. Just relax, open up and talk to people and you'll be fine. Akthough I should talk, I was nervous before my first one too.

Btw, every so often VistaPrint runs special. I only buy supplies from them when they run the buy $30.00 worth of stuff, get free shipping. Sometimes they also run pay $50, get free shipping. It's completely worth it in my mind to wait until these specials come around. They send me emails all the time, do you want me to forward one the next time they are offering this deal?

Cherie Reich said...

Hehe! Thanks, Nicole, for the advice. I don't think I'm too nervous about the actual conference. It's more about driving there and checking into the hotel. I'm not much of a traveler, so I'm just worried. *laughs*

And, that would be great if you could forward me one the next time they're offering a deal. The Staples business cards work for the conference, but it would be nice to have something better. Thanks!!

Tessa Quin said...

Ooooooh, I want to go to a conference. WriteOnCon has been the closest thing I've been to one. IF I ever get lucky enough to be in the USA at the time of a conference, I'll definitely go, but I'll also have bought and read Randy Ingermanson's "The Writer's Conference Survival Guide"!! That way I'll probably be more prepared...but then I'd probably get lost once I'd get in along with the ocean of people...

Have fun!!

Cherie Reich said...

Ah, that guide would have been helpful! Oh, well. Too late, since I don't have time to read it. I have friends going that've been before, so they'll be my survival guide. *laughs* I hope you get to that conference someday, Tessa!