Monday, February 1, 2010

Writing a Trilogy

On January 18, 2010, I began writing the second book in my Phoenix Trilogy, The Phoenix Sorceress. It took a couple weeks, but I finally finished chapter one and sent it to a couple first readers, who have previously read book one, The Phoenix Prophetess.

I recently read that if you plan for a trilogy or series not to write any books in it beyond book one. They say if the first book can't stand alone as well as sell, then you will have multiple books that won't sell. I do agree with their reasoning, and it made me consider not writing book two yet. But, I decided against it. As I'm doing rewrites and edits on book one and writing book two, I am thinking of all these new things to make book one stronger and better than the first draft. If I wasn't thinking of book two, then I don't think I would have come up with these things to introduce in book one. So, I changed my mind, and I'll continue writing book two to help out book one, if that makes any sense. Now, if I'll write book three as I wish to in 2011 or not is still up in the air.

I really enjoy my Phoenix Trilogy. It's an amazing trilogy, if I say so myself. I know that all authors probably think that about their work, but I can see the Phoenix Trilogy really being picked up. Of course, I admit that I could be completely wrong, but I'm doing my best to make it the best the story can be. As I do my rewrites/edits, I'm learning more about the world of Amora and the characters within it, and I must admit that I love them. They are like friends that reveal more about themselves every time I enter their world. And, even though I'm writing and creating their world, I often feel like the characters speak for the world instead of me.

I was wondering if other writers feel the same? Do you feel that the characters create the world and conflicts or do you create them? Sometimes, when I write, I'll smile or gasp or various other emotions as I type what the character is doing. I will sometimes act out a scene in a book in words and/or actions before I go to bed. Maybe it is my theatre background coming out that helps me connect to my characters and in a way become them. Does anyone else do this or have other ways that they relate with who they write?

On another note, January is over. I wrote three short stories and three chapters in my novels (two in Prophetess and one in Sorceress). My word total for January was 15,648 words. I submitted four short stories and received four rejections (not of all the short stories I submitted but a few previously submitted before January). This month received zero acceptances, but I did get paid my $5 advanced for my short story for WolfSinger's All About Eve anthology that should be out in April/May. So, overall, January wasn't a bad month. I do need to go back through my old short stories and pick one a month to fix and send back out. Right now, I'm trying to decide between "Cat and Mouse" and "Breaking Bifrost." Any suggestions?

Also, it snowed over the weekend. We received around nine inches. My sister and I played out in it on Saturday. I was supposed to work, but I couldn't get out because of the snow. My boss was cool about it. Sunday, January 31, was also my sister's 15th birthday. I hope her birthday wasn't too bad, even though all our plans for it were cancelled because of the snow.

As for February's writing goals, I plan to finish my edits/rewrites for The Phoenix Prophetess. It is a lofty goal, but I hope I can at least finish over half of it, if I'm going to keep on schedule. I plan to continue writing in book two. I also have two short stories I want to write. One is a thriller for Emerald Tales and the other is fantasy  for Pill Hill Press's Legends of Atlantis anthology. And, as I mentioned above, I wish to go back to one of my old short stories and fix it to send out again.

I hope February is a good month, and I hope we don't get much more snow. Snow is fine and all, but I hate driving in it. I'm ready for spring!


Aubrie said...

My characters create the scenes, definitely! The last book I wrote, the heroine fell in love with the wrong man as I was writing it! I had to rework the entire book to make sense.

I'm glad you're sticking with your triology! I've tried to write triologies and I get bored before I go on to the next book. You're sticking it out and flushing out the characters.

Aubrie said...

Oops I forgot to comment on Atlantis! I'm writing my story for it as well right now!

Cherie Reich said...

I'm glad that I'm sticking with my trilogy, too. I think the main reason is that each book just seems to get better in my mind. It's the same for my Riverwood Trilogy. The first book was okay, but the rest are awesome in my head. Unfortunately, I don't think that is the same with a lot of authors' series and trilogies.

Can't wait to read your Atlantis story! I'm about a fourth of the way finished with my "Grave Mistakes" story.

Aubrie said...

Thank you! I'll be sending it to you soon, I'm about half way done. Can't wait to read Grave Mistakes.

You really look pretty in that picture you picked for the blog :)

Cherie Reich said...

Thank you! The picture is from Halloween, taken on my cell phone. I need to take a more current picture, but I rather dislike cameras.

Aubrie said...

I gave you the happy award at my blog today!

Lisa Rusczyk said...

I want spring to come too!

My characters usually make their intentions known without my authority. Then I make them regret it!