Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Happy Award


Aubrie Dionne gave me this Happy Award a day or so ago. Thank you, Aubrie! I appreciate it!

So here are ten things that make me happy in no particular order:

1. Cinderella the cat - I absolutely adore my cat Cinderella or Relli for short. I think she is the best and brightest cat out there, even if she has her many issues. If she was human, she would be like a daughter or sister to me. We are a lot alike.

2. Writing - I never thought I would care much for writing when I was younger, but I do believe that I have a talent for it, especially after all these years of roleplaying that lead to writing my own works. Sometimes it is a struggle to write, but I find that I'm much happier when I do.

3. My online friends - I don't have many friends in real life. I'm very shy, and I'm a home person, so I don't get out enough to make real life friends, but I have several very good online friends that I feel that they are like family to me.

4. My family - I love my family. I still live with my parents and younger (15-year-old) sister. I enjoy being there with them, and I can't imagine it any other way. I especially love my mom. We have the same sense of humor and always find something to laugh about.

5. Reading - There is not much better out there than reading. I can tell when I haven't had a chance to read much. I become depressed by not reading actually. Plus, reading makes my writing better. I enjoy most genres, but I must admit I'm most partial to mysteries.

6. My critique buddies - Yes, I'm stealing this one from Aubrie. But, it is true. I always love to get their emails. It's the highlight of my day. Plus, I love reading what they think of my writing. If I didn't have them, I never would have written as much as I have. They keep me focused and going with writing. My writing life would be nothing without them, so thank you, Aubrie and Christine.

7. Hot tea - I love hot tea. I seriously could live in Great Britain and enjoy tea time. I particularly love English/British Breakfast tea. I drink two-three cups a day.

8. Libraries and books - I do love working in a library. I've worked in two of them, and there are few better jobs out there. I just love being surrounded by books and the order that they are placed on the shelves. Most of the patrons are pretty great too, but I particularly love the books. On that note, I love having books as it is. I have over 1,000 in my room alone. *needs more bookshelves though*

9. Ancient History/Mythology - I love learning about ancient history and mythology. I majored in Classics and minored in the Ancient Near East when I went to Missouri State University. It made me so happy to be there learning.

And last but not least:

10. Television - I love television. We've always been a TV family. We had a DVD recorder to tape things on other stations while we watch various TV shows. I find TV relaxing and fun. I mainly watch crime/mystery shows, but I love all sorts. I enjoy The Simpsons, Family Guy, Amazing Race, The Early Show, 60 Minutes, House, Lie to Me, 24, CSI: Miami, Gossip Girl, Chuck, Hell's Kitchen, So You Think You Can Dance, NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, Glee, Criminal Minds, CSI: NY, Bones, Fringe, CSI, The Mentalist, Ghost Whisper, Medium, Num3ers, True Blood, Dexter, Rome, The Tudors, Quantum Leap, The X-Files, Iron Chef, and those are to name a few. *laughs* I wasn't kidding when I say that I love TV. True, I don't watch all of those shows now, but I have loved them at one point or another. Most I do still watch, though.


Aubrie said...

Awww, that's such a heart warming list. I'm so glad I can be your critique buddy and online friend. (But someday we'll meet in real life too!)

I don't watch all the same shows as you. I watch American Idol, Lost, the Bachelor. But I also watch 60 minutes, Hell's Kitchen (sometimes but it stresses me out!), So You Think You Can Dance (on occasion), and I loved the X files.

Cherie Reich said...

I'm glad that you are my critique buddy and online, and hopefully one day real life, friend.

I used to watch American Idol, but it got to be too repetitive. True, they were different people, but when you think about it, it is the same cast year in, year out. I used to watch Lost, too, but we don't get ABC where I live.

I absolutely love the X-Files. I have all nine seasons on DVD. *grins*

Lisa Rusczyk said...

Ohhhhh I can totally feel it if I haven't been reading too. I hate it. Always cheers me up to find the right book.

I also love TV. It's on Notorious right now. I love Lost, true crime shows, The Mentalist, Medium, Comedy shows, Big Bang Theory, I could go on and on.

Loved the X Files too!