Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Rejection and Submission

By the time I got home yesterday, I had received my rejection for "Eclipse" for Fantasy Magazine. They are really difficult to get into, so I was expecting the rejection, even though I was hoping otherwise. Here is what they said:

Dear Cherie,

Thank you for your story to our magazine, but unfortunately it isn't quite right for Fantasy. We hope that you continue trying, however, and look forward to many more submissions.

all the best,

Cat and Sean

Fantasy Magazine

A very nice, simple rejection form letter. Sometimes it is frustrating to get so many rejections, but I'm not going to give up.

To prove that I'm not giving up, I submitted "Eclipse" to Shimmer today. They are a quarterly magazine that does in print and ebook form. I don't know what kind of chance I have, but I thought I would give it a shot. I still have a whole list of places that I can submit "Eclipse" to. The reason I picked Shimmer next was because they are just a paying place. I won't get rich off the story, but I might get around $10 and a copy, and that is good enough for me. Plus, I do think I have a chance there. We'll see. And, their response time is around three weeks. These longer response times are starting to drive me crazy! *laughs*

So, everyone wish me luck. I still have six things out there being considered, and I should know soon about all of them. *crosses fingers*


Aubrie said...

I like how you have your goals set high. Sometimes I just send it to where I know I can get in and it could have gone elsewhere. So far I've been paid $1 for my short story. Pretty good huh? JK!

I'm leaving for Boston in an hour ahh!!! The traffic can be so bad, so I'm leaving early.

Good luck Cherie!

Cherie Reich said...

*laughs* Generally, I send to the place that pays the most and then go down from there. I picked Shimmer because it was down from there. And, $1 is better than nothing!

Good luck in Boston!