Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rejection and other news

I got a rejection for "Eclipse" today from Shimmer. Here is what they said:

Dear Cherie,

Thank you for allowing us to consider "Eclipse," but I'm afraid I'm going to pass.

This hits the basic points of a fantasy story, but moves a bit slow and overall doesn't do anything that is new. We're generally not a good fit for otherworld fantasy. It's not right for us, but I hope you find a good home for it soon.

Good luck with your writing!

Best GrĂ¡ Linnaea

Associate Editor


Shimmer Magazine


Personally, I don't know if I agree with what was said. I am going to send it elsewhere, but I haven't figured out where yet. If I still have no luck, then I'll probably try to work on it some more before sending it out yet again.

As for other news, I did receive an email from Jodi Lee about "Wishes" for Dead Bells anthology. This is what she said:

Good afternoon, Cherie,

Thank you for your submission of "Wishes" to the Dead Bells Anthology.

It is my pleasure to let you know I would like to add it to our shortlist, pending a tiny re-write, if you are agreeable.

Unfortunately, I guess it wasn't clear that bodies wouldn't mummify immediately - they would mummify instead of rotting, over time. If you would change those areas in your story, I would be very interested in having a second look.

If you do so, please attach the file to a reply to this email, so it doesn't get lost in the submissions queue. Thank you, and I do hope to see "Wishes" again soon!--

Jodi Lee

Editing Portfolio - http://tinyurl.com/JodiLee

LeeLite Design - http://tinyurl.com/LeeLite

The New Bedlam Project - http://www.newbedlam.com

Dead Bells - http://www.jodilee.ca/deadbells/- Show quoted text -

So as soon as I got home, I made the necessary changes and resubmitted it to her. I'm really hoping "Wishes" gets in. I think it is really perfect for the anthology.

I haven't heard anything back about my four other stories out there. I should know about a few of them very soon. *crosses fingers*

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