Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Chapter Thirty-Five and Submission

I finished writing chapter thirty-five today in The Phoenix Prophetess. I have two chapters left to write. Right now, the word count is 86,381, which is a good word count so far. The next two chapters will be longer chapters, so I figure I'll be close to 95,000 words when I finish the first draft. Of course, editing will change the word count quite a bit. I already know of a few places I'm taking out and a few that I'm adding to, so I'm hoping the editing/rewriting won't be too difficult. I still plan to have the novel polished and ready to go by January 2010.

I'm getting very excited about finishing up The Phoenix Prophetess. The next chapter, which is the major battle scene, has been running around in my head off and on for three years. I'm already planning the ending as well. I'm also getting very excited about book two: The Phoenix Sorceress. So much is already planned for that book, but I have to hold off writing it until after I finish The Phoenix Prophetess completely.

Besides finishing my chapter, I submitted "Eclipse" today to Fantasy Magazine. They have a very quick response time, so I should get my rejection in the next few hours or at least by tomorrow. *laughs* Yes, I said rejection. I don't hold out too much hope, since Fantasy Magazine is pretty major. Plus, when I submitted my story, I was number twenty in the queue. Now, I'm number two. It took less than an hour for them to get there, so it doesn't look good for me or the other eighteen people before me.

As for other writing news, I'm going to work hard the next couple weeks to finish up the first draft of The Phoenix Prophetess. Then, I'm going to work on my were-hound detective short story for The Beasts Within 2: Beasts Unleashed. After that, I plan to work on my historical mystery novel Moonlight Murders again as well as work on editing The Phoenix Prophetess. Any other short stories will occur after the were-hound story gets written.

I have six submissions out there, and I should know within a range of hours to weeks about all of them. My hope is at least one story is picked up. Getting published just can't be a fluke. I really need one of them to work out. I really do.


Aubrie said...

Good luck with your submissions! I have a lot out there right now and I'm the same way as you in that I'm hoping for one of them to make it through.

Fantasy Magazine is hard to get into. I haven't even tried them yet. I hope they like it!

And keep writing Phoenix. You're almost there!

Cherie Reich said...

Fantasy Magazine is hard to get into. I got my rejection letter by the time I got home. At least they do have a quick response time. I plan to submit "Eclipse" elsewhere today. I just don't know where yet.