Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Submission: Wishes

Thanks to the two best readers in the world, I was able to finish up "Wishes" and submit it to Dead Bells anthology. I had a lot of fun writing this horror story, and I hope it has a good chance to being accepted. According to the response email, I should know in a week or two whether or not "Wishes" still has a chance. I am glad yet nervous that there is such a short response time. It means that I'll be checking my email even more often. *laughs*

Currently, I have five short stories out there that I'm waiting to hear back from. Here is what I have:

"Once Upon a December Nightmare" is with Wild Child Publishing. According to their website, they have a six to eight week response time. I should know by the end of September to mid-October. I have heard no response at all from them at this time.

"Hell Has No Fury" is with Wolfsinger Publications for their All About Eve anthology. Their deadline is August 31, and they say it can take up to a month after the deadline to get back to you. I have heard back from them, and my story is being considered, but I won't know anything definite until sometime in September.

"Bella's Battle" is with the Skulls and Crossbones anthology. Their deadline is September 1, and their response time is one month. I should know sometimes in September whether or not my story is accepted. By the way, the day after I submitted "Bella's Battle," I saw the most adorable pirate bumper sticker on a car. I took a picture of it, and I'm hoping it is a good sign that my story will get in.

"Soul Survivor" is with Emerald Tales for their Volume I, Number 2 issues. The deadline is September 1, and I should know by October if it was accepted.

And, of course, I know have "Wishes" out there, and I should know something in one to two weeks.

I also have my short story "Eclipse." As soon as September comes, I'm going to submit "Eclipse" to Fantasy Magazine. They have a week response time, so I should know quickly whether or not it is accepted once I send it.

It's very exciting to have all these things out there. I can't wait for September! I will also be finished with my first novel in September too. It'll be a good month, hopefully.*crosses fingers*


Aubrie said...

Wow! That's a lot of submissions. It helps to keep a list like that and type it all out to keep it straight. I think Silverblade magazine would like Eclipse if that other fantasy magazine doesn't want it.

Cherie Reich said...

Yeah, I do think Silverblade might like Eclipse, but right now, Eclipse is still over 4,000 words, and they have a 4,000 word max limit. It is on my list of possible places to send Eclipse though.