Monday, August 17, 2009


I finished writing a short story "Wishes" today. It is a horror story, and I plan to submit it to Dead Bells anthology. I'm really excited about this little short story that is 2,771 words long. I love how it ended, and I tried my best to make it very scary. The premise for Dead Bells anthology is that the calendars were wrong and every person dies except the protagonist when January 1, 2010 comes around. The writer then has to write what they think happens to their character.

This is the summary:

Aurora has never been a social butterfly, and when a New Year's Eve party turns terribly wrong, she wishes that everyone would just leave her alone and die. As New Year's Day 2010 comes around and she wakes up, she realizes that all is not right in her world. A freak ice storm has knocked out the power, but it is the terrifying mummified bodies that cause her to worry. Has her terrible wish come true? Or is something else to blame for everyone's deaths? As night approaches, will she even survive?

In other writing news, I hope to get some written in The Phoenix Prophetess today too, since I plan to finish chapter thirty-three this week.

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