Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Phoenix Prophetess - Chapter Thirty-Three

I finished writing chapter thirty-three today in The Phoenix Prophetess. The novel now stands at 82,770 words long. I have four chapters left to write, and I believe the novel will end between 95,000-100,000 words. It's not too shabby for a first novel and a fantasy novel at that! The next two chapters shouldn't be too long either, but the last two will be. Considering The Phoenix Prophetess is the only thing I am working on at the moment, then it shouldn't be hard to finish it up. I've even been thinking about the second book: The Phoenix Sorceress. If I finish up the editing and everything sooner than the end of the year, then I might have to start the second book early. Then again, I want to finish up Moonlight Murders this year too, so I can have two very different novels out there. I'm getting really excited about all of this though. I can't believe I only have four chapters left to write, and I might get the novel finished early too, if I don't end up having too much work to do. *grins* I actually can't seem to stop smiling (on the's creepy to smile in public when people don't know what you are grinning about). We'll have to see how things go. *grins again*


Aubrie said...

I've only written one book that's over 100,000 words and it took me 2 and a half years to write! So you are doing very well...I don't think I could ever another story that's that long. I had to have character maps, time tables, time lines....all that extra stuff just to keep it straight. It's quite a project and you are almost done!!!

Cherie Reich said...

Well, it helped to be planning this novel off and on in my head since 2006. For three years, I just thought about various scenes and names and such. Then, I just started writing this year, even though I had major parts unplanned. I do have notes on characters, places, god names, mythical creatures, months, timeline, and a map...but I must admit that I typically add to them as I go. *laughs*