Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Phoenix Prophetess - Chapter Twenty-Five

I finished writing chapter twenty-five today in The Phoenix Prophetess. I typically only write one chapter a week, but I'm very eager to finish Part II, so I can focus my attentions on Part III. Part III is the least planned, except towards the end, so I really need to think about it. Right now, my novel stands at 61, 045 words. I'm so excited about that number, although it is 10,000 words longer than I thought it would be at this point. I figure Part II will end up the novel at around 65,000 words. I am not certain how long Part III will be, although I do believe the entire thing will be longer than I expected. Of course, I haven't edited anything yet, so it could all change then. I am hoping to find time and the energy tomorrow to perhaps write chapter twenty-six, which will be the last chapter in Part II. I don't know if I could do three chapters in one week though. We'll have to see. Moonlight Murders has briefly been put on hold this week, I think, but I'll pick back up with it next week. I'm so excited with how The Phoenix Prophetess is coming along so far.

By the way, Once Upon a December Nightmare is being proofed and will come out in July. I don't know what day exactly, but I'm excited about that too!


Aubrie said...

Fantasy Novels can go up to 100,000 words and still be just keep writing! I put books on hold all the time (mostly for my short stories) so don't worry about that.

I'm excited for December Nightmare as well. It's really neat to see all of or books up there together. Yours, mine, and Christine's. And for some wierd reason (alphabetical?) they are back to back.

Good job with your word count!

Cherie Reich said...

Yeah, I'm not too worried about the word count yet, but it is higher than I expected. This is the first novel I've ever tried to write and stuck to it, so it's all new and exciting. *grins*

I think it is awesome that our three stories are coming out the same month. It would be even cooler if they could come out the same day too. It is a little odd that they all are together alphabetically too almost. Maybe it is fate. *laughs*