Friday, June 19, 2009

The Phoenix Prophetess - Chapter Twenty-Six and Part II

Today I finished chapter twenty-six in The Phoenix Prophetess, which means that Part II is now complete. My novel now stands at 64,632 words long. I am also two-thirds finished with it. I'm so excited. With the beginning of Part III, it means that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. There is one more part to go, and then my first novel will be finished. You can't tell how happy I am about this accomplishment. I never once thought I would actually finish a novel, and now I am so close I can almost taste it! I left Part II with a big revelation as well, so I'm hoping my readers will be excited to continue to Part III when I get it written. Everything should be going much quicker in my novel, although there is still quite a bit I need to figure out to lead up to the big battle and the conclusion of the first novel in the Phoenix Trilogy.

I think next week I might take a break from The Phoenix Prophetess to work on Moonlight Murders. I wrote three chapters this week in The Phoenix Prophetess, which is the most I've ever written in one week with it. I really wanted to finish Part II though, so I might take a week off and give me time to figure out the next part in it while I get back to Moonlight Murders. Either that or I'll begin working on one of my ideas for the wizards anthology. We'll have to see. *grins*


Aubrie said...

One book? I'm sure you'll write many books. You sound like you are just getting started!

Good job with your chapters! I haven't written much this week, been reviewing and reading alot.

Cherie Reich said...

Yes, I suppose I am just getting started. The first book is very special though. The Phoenix Prophetess is just the first book in the trilogy. I will have to write The Phoenix Sorceress and The Phoenix Queen after it. I am also hoping that Moonlight Murders will be novel length. Now, after that, I'm not sure what I'll do.

I've been wanting to read more, but I never seem to find much time. I'm hoping to finish one book soon, but there are just so many more. *sighs*