Friday, April 1, 2011

Flash Fiction Fridays: "A is for Alligator Assassin"

Welcome, A to Z Challengers, Crusaders, and other friends! To kick off my portion of the A to Z challenge, I've written a flash fiction piece titled "A is for Alligator Assassin." 

Last July, I considered writing a Paranormal Romance novella titled Panther Moon. I wrote the first chapter and then shelved it for later. Now, I have the idea to make three novellas. Overall, it would be called Beneath a Shifter's Moon. Novella One would still be Panther Moon. Novella Two would be Gator Moon, and I haven't figured out Novella Three (although I'm leaning toward some elegant bird). All take place in and around Miami, Florida and involve Romeo-Juliet type stories. I'm hoping to get back to them eventually.

"Alligator Assassin" is about Jeb, the male main character in Gator Moon.

"A is for Alligator Assassin"

The full moon glistened upon the swamp waters. The slightest ripple disturbed the dragonflies and mosquitoes. The Floridian night hung heavy and humid. A faint hint of salsa music permeated the air, cutting through the buzzing insects. Lanterns illuminated the party, and Jeb could almost taste the grilling steaks. The alcoholic scent of beer and tequila was intoxicating, and he ducked his head under the water to clear his senses.

His tail twisted back and forth, propelling him toward the secluded island in the Everglades.

When he arrived at the land's edge, he peered at the partygoers. One was his target, and he spotted the man known as Diego Guerra.

Guerra wore his trademark floral shirt and white pants. He drank a shot of tequila before laughing at some joke. He patted the man's shoulder beside him before making more rounds. He talked to some more men, felt up some ladies, and drank more shots.

Jeb watched and waited for the perfect moment to strike. His employer wanted Guerra dead; another man lost to the unforgiving swamp.

Although Jeb preferred to distance himself from his prey, he couldn't with Guerra. The drug man had ruined Miami while distributing the white powder all over Florida. Jeb blinked away the image of his emaciated ex-girlfriend before the cocaine stopped her heart. True, he hadn't loved Gwena for a while, but she didn't deserve such a pointless death.

Although it wasn't completely personal, it was in a way. Jeb had to remember to be careful. Play it cool, calm.

A cloud drifted over the moon, and panic flowed through Jeb's veins. Not yet, he thought, but it was too late.

He sputtered in the water. His long, powerful tail shrank. His arms and legs extended. Then, his blond hair plastered against his face. He swam a few feet and lifted himself out of the water and lay there, cold and naked.

He glanced over to the party. No one had heard him or noticed his transformation.

Guerra had disappeared.


Jeb twisted and stood. His entire body froze for a second. He heard a noise to his left. Between two trees, he had Guerra in his sights. The man was relieving himself into the swamp. Another reason to kill him, he thought with a wry smirk.

With as much stealth as a naked man can muster, Jeb stalked Guerra. The sound of a zipper seemed extraordinarily loud compared to the other noises. Jeb halted for a moment before leaping in attack.

At that same moment, the silver disc of the moon peeped from the clouds.

Jeb changed in mid-air from human to beast. He struck Guerra in the back, and the two tumbled into the water. His jaws snapped, but he missed latching onto Guerra's flesh. The man squealed and splashed, but Jeb managed to latch upon his shoulder. The bite itself would be lethal. Then, he death-rolled the drug kingpin.

The alligator dragged Guerra further into the water. His body would sink before it would float. If he was lucky, he'd never be discovered. They'd label it an unfortunate accident. Nothing more, nothing less.

It was over. Guerra was dead, and Jeb would receive his fifty G's. With a swish of his tail, he sped through the swamp with none the wiser of his actions.


Terri Talley Venters said...

OOOOH, Cherie! What an original hero. I love the Florida setting. Brilliant idea for novellas. I can't wait to read more! GO GATORS!

baygirl32 said...

very original. best of luck with letters b through Z

Summer Ross said...

Great scene for the start of this challenge. I really liked the way you set it up and the shape shifting.

Trevor Peck said...

*BAM* Guerra gets owned! Love it!

Happy A2Z!

Misha Gerrick said...

I love this idea for novellas.

I hope we get to read more.


Margo Kelly said...

Fun. :) Happy A-day.

Su said...

Nice kickoff!

Anonymous said...

I love your writing. It's the kind I like for in stories. Lean. The power comes through nouns and verbs. Short sentences that have power and move the story forward. I enjoyed reading this very much, and thanks to the A to Z challenge I'm now a follower.
Ann Carbine Best, In the Mirror, A Memoir

Anonymous said...

Ok, that . . . WAS AWESOME!
I LOVE the originality of the character! I just wish this was a novel instead of a post.

Sheila Siler said...

Wow, what a character! Very original, I enjoyed reading that.

Jan Morrison said...

yikes - I'm very scared of alligators so you know if I read it it was good!
Jan Morrison

Anonymous said...

Great way to start off the A to Z Challenge .... with alligators to boot. But not alligator boots.

nutschell said...

Awesome start to the A-Z challenge. happy blogging!


C R Ward said...

Loved it! Alligator assassin - what a great idea - and I loved your writing too.

alberta ross said...

I have always had a soft spot for shape shifters - thanks for terrific read

Jeff Beesler said...

Wow, that's one gator you shouldn't mess around with! (As if it's ever wise to mess with a gator.) Excellent post!

Christine Rains said...

That's awesome! I really like that original idea. ^_^

Cherie Reich said...

Thank you, everyone! Now I really want to start back to outlining and writing these novellas. *grins*