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Promo Monday: PARADISE 21 by Aubrie Dionne + Interview

Please welcome Aubrie Dionne to the blog today! Aubrie is one of my critique partners and a contributor to Raven and the Writing Desk. Her science fiction romance novel Paradise 21 will debut from Entangled Publishing tomorrow. It's an awesome book, and if you want to read my review of it, click here

Aries has lived her entire life aboard mankind’s last hope, the New Dawn, a spaceship traveling toward a planet where humanity can begin anew—a planet that won’t be reached in Aries’ lifetime. As one of the last genetically desirable women in the universe, she must marry her designated genetic match and produce the next generation for this centuries-long voyage.

But Aries has other plans.

When her desperate escape from the New Dawn strands her on a desert planet, Aries discovers the rumors about pirates—humans who escaped Earth before its demise—are true. Handsome, genetically imperfect Striker possesses the freedom Aries envies, and the two connect on a level she never thought possible. But pursued by her match from above and hunted by the planet’s native inhabitants, Aries quickly learns her freedom will come at a hefty price.

The life of the man she loves.

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Aubrie, Paradise 21 is a science fiction romance novel. What inspired you to write it?

My love of science fiction started way back as a kid. I’d watch the old Star Wars movies on tapes over and over until I knew every single word. Then, I’d go out to the backyard with my sister and we’d play out each scene, fighting over who got to be Princess Leia.

In my teen years, I watched every episode of Star Trek, The Next Generation. Data was my favorite character, and I’d imagine what it would be like to meet him. I always wanted him to find his way to being more human.

Space opera was exactly the right genre for me, because it had a certain amount of science, but it didn’t get too technical. I understood what was going on, and there was romance to spice the story up.

This is what I strive for in my own writing: to have the perfect balance of sci fi, romance, and adventure.


I think you succeeded in what you strive for. From idea to publication, how long did your journey take for Paradise 21?

It took me a few weeks to think about the idea, then seven months to write. After that, I queried agents for six months before finding Dawn Dowdle at Blue Ridge. Dawn queried for about a month before Entangled Publishing picked it up. I signed my contract within a week of their offer in March, and it took until August to go through the edits and get it published. So I’d say a year and a half total.

(And I owe finding Dawn to Cherie. Cherie had met Dawn at a writer’s conference, and she recommended her to me. Thank you, Cherie! )


Aww, you're welcome, Aubrie. Dawn's pretty great. I really enjoyed meeting her. I know you are also a flutist and a teacher. How do you balance writing with everything else?

I write in the mornings and late at night when I can’t practice my flute! Sometimes the two careers bump up against one another, and I have to decide which one takes priority at the time. But, for the most part, they compliment each other nicely.

How much does music inspire your writing?

A lot. It’s actually why I got into writing in the first place. I make up stories to go along with the music when I teach to make my flute students play with more emotion. My students urged me to write them down because they liked the stories so much, so I decided to follow their advice, seeing that they followed my advice every lesson!


Plotter or pantser?

A little of both. I have a general idea and direction, and end point, but I fill in the middle as I go along.

If you could recommend one book—not one of your own—what book would that be?

That would be your book, Once Upon a December Nightmare, of course! I LOVE scary stories, and even though I can’t write horror myself, I love to read it.

Once Upon a December Nightmare kept me on the edge of my seat, and I’d already read it before when I beta read it. I love how there’s a tie in to civil war history, and the whole story flows so well.


Aww! You're too kind, Aubrie! And no, I didn't tell her to say that. *blushes* What else are you working on? Anything forthcoming?

Yes, I just finished the second book in the series, Tundra 37, and before I go into the third, I’m writing a prequel. This will tie into the series in a novella form. Hopefully, this will get more readers interested at a very low price. That way they can see if they like the world I’ve created before diving into a full-fledged book.

This prequel, A Hero Rising, will chronicle the great great great grandfather of Striker, the main character in Paradise 21. It will tell the story of how the Space Pirates culture got started, and the fall of Earth after the colony ships leave.

Thank you for this fantastic interview and review, Cherie! This book’s success is due in a big part to your guidance as a critique partner. 

Tundra 37 is awesome, and I feel so lucky I got to read it already. You're welcome, Aubrie. Paradise 21 is wonderful and I wish it and your future works much success.  

Aubrie is an author and flutist in New England. Her stories have appeared in Mindflights, Niteblade, Silver Blade, A Fly in Amber, and several print anthologies including Skulls and Crossbones by Minddancer Press, Rise of the Necromancers, by Pill Hill Press, Nightbird Singing in the Dead of Night by Nightbird Publishing, Dragontales and Mertales by Wyvern Publications, A Yuletide Wish by Nightwolf Publications, and Aurora Rising by Aurora Wolf Publications.  Her epic fantasy is published with Wyvern Publications, and several of her ebooks are published with Lyrical Press and Gypsy Shadow Publishing. When she’s not writing, she plays in orchestras and teaches flute at Plymouth State University and a community music school.

Twitter @AuthorAubrie


Aubrie said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful critique comments and this fantastic interview, Cherie!

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Great interview, Aubrie! Interesting method for teaching!

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Whew, I love the sound of this! I'm an old Star Trek / Star Wars fan too, so I love the storyline. Many happy sales to you!

Rayka Mennen said...

I can see how your music background played into that great trailer. Awesome.

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Fantastic interview, Aubrie. And I'm with Sarah. Awesome teaching method! You're students are lucky to have you :D

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Great post, Aubrie. I grew up watching Star Trek, too. It was a family ritual. Classic and new used to play back to back on Saturday evenings.

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Space opera? I'm so there!! Great interview, Aubrie!

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Fantastic interview! Keep writing, Aubrie. I love your style and romantic edge. There's not enough books in your genre out there. There needs to be more!

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I'm writing the title of this book down so that I can read it. She has all the same interests as me lol. Oh my...small world.

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I watched Star wars over and over again as well! I love the sound of the prequel, Aubrie - can't wait to read it!

Lisa Kessler said...

Great interview Aubrie!!! :)

And congratulations on the new release!!! I love that you make up stories to go with the music for your students!!!

I wrote an entire vampire short story from listening to the Moonlight Sonata over and over... very inspiring to put the two arts together!

Lisa :)

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Great interview. I've enjoyed reading Aubrie's stories. Best of luck with your books!

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Greatinterview and I look forward to reading Aubrie's stories.

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Great interview, ladies. I'm so impressed at how quick your publishing process was, Aubrie. Contract in March and published in August? That's as good as it gets!

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Great interview. Two great ladies in one place. Who could ask for more? Keep up the writing guys. We'll all make it to the top soon.

Best wishes,

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Hi Aubrie & Cherie! Aubrie, I am a sci-fi nut too so I'm really looking forward to your book's debut!

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I'm so excited for you, Aubrie!

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Lovely interview. I really enjoyed Paradise, and I'm so glad we'll be able to meet the characters again.

Theresa Milstein said...

Thanks for the interview, Cherie!

Aubrie is the most prolific writer I know. And she's the best beta reader in the world. Not only is she fast (I can't compete!), but her comments are awesome.

I loved being a beta reader for Paradise 21, and I'm excited about how it's turned out from the chapters I've read, so far. My review goes up on Friday.