Monday, October 4, 2010

Promo Monday

It's time for Promo Monday. Today I'll be promoting Emerald Tales, Vol. 2, No. 2 "It was a bright and sunny day" issue. My story "Grave Mistakes" is in it. I'm also promoting Heartsick by Chelsea Cain.

"Grave Mistakes"             3,408 words               Thriller
Scribblers and Ink Spillers Emerald Tales,Vol. 2, No. 2   "It was a bright and sunny day" April 2010 

About this magazine issue:  A lot can happen on a bright and sunny day: a student writes a story; time flies by an old man sitting outside his home; a teacher gets hooked into playing a computer game; The FBI is on the trail of a serial killer; A man tried to avoid making the same mistakes that he did in his first marriage; a teacher meets a man who knows a bit more than she does about the Elizabethan era; the animals of the forest teach owl a lesson; a man investigates a meteorite; an elderly couple prepare for their great-grandson's visit; there's a New World Order following the philosophy of Margaret Thatcher; and someone has changed all the King's horses into ducks.
With poetry by: John Hayes, Guy Belleranti, Matthew Byer, Amanda C. Davis, Marge Simon, Lauren McBride, Darrell Lindsey, and Michelle Mead.

Contributors: Guy Belleranti, Matthew Byer, Lisa Clark, Laurie Dalzell, Amanda C. Davis, Jason Flum, John Hayes, B. M. Kezar, Darrell Lindsey, Lauren McBride, Michael McGlade, Michelle Mead, Mario Milosevic, Jenny Morientes, Cherie Reich, Jennifer Schwabach, Marge Simon, Abra Staffin-Wiebe, and Justin Whitney

The electronic version is a free download in pdf format. 

My Story's Blurb: After the Grave Digger makes the mistake of leaving a live victim, FBI agents Alex Reynolds and Ryan Delos are hot on his trail. They discovered their unsub, and they are waiting outside the cabin to arrest him and save his current abducted young woman. Yet, the agents make mistakes of their own. Who will come out alive in this fast-paced thriller?

Please do read my story and all the others in this great issue. The theme was "It was a bright and sunny day," and all the first lines had to begin like that. Also, if you read the free electronic version and enjoy the stories, please consider a donation to Scribblers and Ink Spillers. 


Title: Heartsick
Series: Gretchen Lowell/The Beauty Killer
Author: Chelsea Cain
Publisher: St. Martin's Minotaur
Blurb on the book cover:  A Living Nightmare.  Portland detective Archie Sheridan spent years tracking Gretchen Lowell, a beautiful and brutal serial killer.  In the end, she was the one who caught him…and tortured him…and then let him go.  Why did Gretchen spare Archie's life and then turn herself in?  This is the question that keeps him up all night—and the reason why he has visited Gretchen in prison every week since.  A Deadly Obsession…  Meanwhile, another series of Portland murders has Archie working on a brand-new task force…and heading straight into the line of fire.  The local news is covering the case 24/7, and it's not long before Archie enters a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with the killer—and his former captor.  But this time, it's up to Archie to save himself…

To read my review of Heartsick, click here

It's a fantastic first book in the Gretchen Lowell/Beauty Killer series!



Aubrie said...

Too bad Diana is putting a halt on Emerald Tales. I hope she feels better and comes back to it.

Cherie Reich said...

Yeah, I can't wait for Emerald Tales to get back. Hopefully soon.