Friday, September 24, 2010

Flash Fiction Fridays


The baby's crying startled the wet nurse. "There, there, little one. You don't want to wake up the entire castle do you?" She scooped the little girl into her arms and released her breast from her shirt. "Drink, sweetheart."

Latching upon the nipple, the baby princess suckled the warm milk and soon fell asleep.

"Such a good lass." The nurse cooed and set her into the crib. Not noticing the golden light hovering over the baby, she settled into a rocking chair. Sleep brushed over her eyelids and leaden her limbs.

The light touched the baby's cheek before expanding in the room. A flash occurred, and the faery appeared. He held a bundle in his arms and lifted the blanket's corner. A wee faery baby peered up at him with great blue eyes. In silence, he studied the princess and the faery. Then, he ran his fingers over the faery's face. She transformed and was nearly identical to the other.

"I leave you here because your faery parents command it, fair Amelia." He placed the changeling into the crib and plucked up the human baby. "Such a pretty thing."

A loud snore caused his attention to snap toward the wet nurse. He seemingly floated toward her. "Listen, maiden. The baby within the crib is the princess. Take care of her and mark her daily with raspberry paste like she should've been marked from birth. When she is old enough, hand her the mirror. All she will need is within." He removed a silver mirror from his satchel and placed it upon a table.

The sleeping princess did not awaken while the orb pulsed. The two vanished from Evercrest Castle and appeared in the forested grove of Woodhaven.

"Is it done? Is this she, Oberon?" The faery queen asked and held out her arms.

"Yes, my queen, this is she." He removed the blanket, but he didn't hand over the child.

Queen Orla glanced over the mortal babe. "Not bad, not bad. Take her to Mira."

"As you wish." He bowed and turned.

As Oberon was leaving, King Foster said, "Eighteen years, the kingdom will be ours, my sweet. Eighteen years." The faery couple laughed.

"In eighteen years, I will tell you everything, Meli. You'll see." Oberon said to the child in a quiet whisper and silently vowing to protect her.

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