Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The End of August

It's hard to believe, but August is almost over.

This month has flown by with my writing, and I had many exciting things happen in August. Here are my August stats:
Submissions: 3 ("Freak Show," "Changeling," and "Government Project 103-1-10")
Rejections: 1 ("The Golden Staff")
Acceptances: 2 ("Freak Show" and "Tradition")
Releases: 2 ("A Lesson Learned" and Once Upon a December Nightmare)
Word Count: 12,169
Submissions still in submission world: 5

These are not bad stats at all.

On Friday, I received my rejection for "The Golden Staff." I had submitted it to Aiofe's Kiss and after waiting five and a half months, I received a short rejection letter stating that they thought the story took too long to get into and the classical characters were too cliched. That's fine. I'm just glad I heard something from them, and now, I can go back to that story someday and fix it and submit it elsewhere.

As for Once Upon a December Nightmare, I've received two more reviews. My co-worker and friend Jessica wrote "A great page-turner! I was in suspense the whole time. The characters were interesting and really added dimension to the story. I think it would be great expanded into a screenplay for a scary movie." This review is posted on Amazon.com. It's interesting she wrote that it would make a good scary movie. When I came up with the idea for the story, I considered writing a screenplay for it, but instead I went with the short story.
Also, Aubrie Dionne gave me a wonderful review at various places, including her book review blog. She wrote: "A chilling story of an urban legend dating back to the Civil War.
Four friends travel a seldom used back road in the middle of a cold December night on a joyride straight to hell. Two are sisters, two are boyfriend and girlfriend, and two are best friends. Only when the claws come out do we see where the loyalties lie.
Once Upon a December Nightmare is very scary. Reich plays upon what we all fear most: the unknown. She incorporates a neat dose of Civil War history, and creates her own urban legend. The characters are excellently done with well rounded back stories and secrets that lead them to their own brutal ends.
The imagery is stark and chilling with "brake lights" that " bathe the trees in red" and a forest of trees that "lines the path like enemy soldiers". Sounds are littered throughout deep silence like a great horror movie. The forest "cracks like a gun shot" and you hear the sound of "clothes ripping."
Don't read this story in the dark!"
Thank you so much for the reviews, Jessica and Aubrie! They mean so much to me. I still don't know how many people are buying me e-book yet, but I hope everyone that does enjoys the story.

In a previous post, I mentioned I had quite a few short stories I wanted to write before the end of the year. Today, I submitted two stories. The first one is "Government Project 103-1-10," and I submitted it to Pill Hill Press's Monster Mash anthology. Here is what this story is about: Four monsters decide its time to make their own fate. Lily the vampire, Frank the Frankenstein's monster, Harry the werewolf, and Pierre the zombie tell their escape from Government Project 103-1-10. You didn't really think they paid $900 for a toilet seat, did you?
I have to say this story was one of the most fun I've had writing a short story. Each character was so different, and I loved them all. I just hope Pill Hill Press feels the same way.

The second story was "Changeling," which I submitted to Gypsy Shadow Publishing for their Writing Prompt #3. As soon as I saw the picture, the girl screamed both changeling and mortal. Here is what "Changeling" is about:
A destroyed home. An exchange made. Awaiting revenge.
Amelia grew up in Evercrest Kingdom as the beloved child to the king and queen. What they do not know is she isn't their daughter but a changeling, and by the end of her wedding day, their lives will be ruined. Evercrest Castle will belong to Amelia.

In Woodhaven, Meli, human servant to the faery royals, learns about the faeries' revengeful plan. This true princess must stop Amelia in time or lose everything she holds dear to her.
The winner of their writing prompt gets their story as an e-book. It would be great if I won, but if I don't, I think "Changeling" could find a home in a magazine. I hope.

Also, on Saturday, I received an email from Abandoned Towers for "Soul Survivor." They want me to do more edits. Yes, I submitted "Soul Survivor" to them on October 5, 2009. This will be the third time I've done edits for them, and I still don't know if the story is accepted or not. *sighs* Some of their comments didn't even make sense for the last revision I sent them, either. But, I took what comments made sense, went back over the story, and re-submitted. Now, I'm waiting and seeing...again.

Oh, I also submitted my first page of Moonlight Murders to the James River Writers Conference's First Page Critique. I'll see when I go, if they critique my page or not in October.

Overall, August was a good month. Now, I'll have to wait and see what September brings.


Nicole Zoltack said...

Congrats on your acceptances and releases and good luck with your new submissions! :)

Cherie Reich said...

Thanks, Nicole!