Monday, March 29, 2010

100th Post and an Award

This is my 100th post on blogger. It's hard to believe that there have already been one hundred posts already. It seems like just yesterday that I decided to create this blog.

To add to the celebration, I received an award.

Aubrie of Flutey Words gave me this award I've been coveting ever since I saw it appear on the blogosphere.

The rules are as follows:

Five recipients that totally get who I am.
Make up something about the people you give the award to.
Link to the people you give it to.
Link back to the original award post here.

I think several of my fellow blogger followers have already received this reward, so I'm going to make up some things about a few that I've enjoyed following. If you haven't received the award before, and I mention you, then please claim it.

Aubrie is really a fairy princess from the land of Flutestown. No one plays the flute sweeter in that land than she.

Lisa Rusczyk secretly has hundreds of cats that no one knows about.

Christine Rains is expecting her first child, a beautiful werewolf baby.

Angie Lofthouse's writing chair doubles as a magical flying machine that takes her on adventures to worlds unknown.

Crysa hunts down zombies and puts them back in their place.

In writing news, I submitted "Soul Drinker" to The Way of the Wizard anthology. I have six submissions out there. I should be hearing back fairly soon (within the next month) for several of them. I plan to work on a whodunnit mystery short story for Pill Hill Press's Halloween Whodunnit. The story I'm planning takes place in Victorian England and will feature my detective Liam O'Hare from "The Case of the Tom Cat." The title so far is "The Harlequin's Last Laugh."

Well, I must be going. I have just a couple more minutes left at work.


Aubrie said...

Good luck with "Soul Drinker!" And you guessed it! I used to dress up as a fairy princess every halloween. :) How did you know?

Now, I do think Lisa is hiding some cats :)

Cherie Reich said...

Thank you. And, you just seem like you would be a good fairy princess. *grins*

Lisa Rusczyk said...

Good luck! I hope they *all* get accepted.

I keep the extra kitties out back. They live like jungle prowlers in a yard that hasn't bee mowed in a year.