Friday, January 15, 2010

Submissions or rather offerings

I read somewhere that an author liked to refer to his submissions as offering. He was offering the story to a particular publisher instead of submitting it. I rather like the idea behind it, although I'll probably always call them submissions.

Today, I submitted two short stories. One was "Eat Your Heart Out." I submitted it to Dark Discoveries, since they accept psychological horror stories. Unfortunately, "Eat Your Heart Out" was rejected by Pill Hill Press. It was a standard rejection letter, saying that there was nothing wrong with my writing, but it just wasn't for them. Then, they sent me a link to their open submissions and encouraged me to submit again. They have a lot of anthologies that I will likely submit stories to, so maybe one of them will have better luck.

The other story was a new story I finished writing yesterday and did the edits for today. This story is called "Breaking Bifrost." I submitted this story to PARSEC Ink for their End of the Rainbow anthology. This is what "Breaking Bifrost" is about: United States Army's Second Lieutenant Aaron Heimdaller and his men are in big trouble. They are surrounded by the enemy, and there is only one way out. Aaron sacrifices himself to save them, but his troubles aren't over. The valkyrie Mist takes him toValhalla where the einherjar and valkyries prepare for Ragnarok. Aaron and Mist must guard Bifrost, the rainbow bridge between Midgard and Asgard, before the final battle for our world begins.

Personally, I think this was the best short story that I've written to date. I enjoyed writing it and blending modern times with mythology. I hope to have a chance to do that again someday with another short story or even a novel down the line.

I was hoping to begin writing book two of the Phoenix Trilogy today, but work has thwarted my plans. *shakes fist at work* Perhaps tomorrow I can begin it. *crosses fingers*

Also, a year ago today, I began writing my first novel, The Phoenix Prophetess. It was what began this wild adventure called writing that I am still on.

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Aubrie said...

I loved your new short story! You've done so much in just one year! Happy writing birthday!