Monday, September 28, 2009

Rejection and Submission

I know I always seem to mixing the bad with the good. Today I received an email about "Bella's Battle." It was rejected for the Skulls and Crossbones anthology. Here is what was said:

Greetings, Ms. Reich--
Many thanks for submitting your story, "Bella's Battle" for consideration in this anthology. Unfortunately, we have decided not to include this piece in this volume. We received over 70 submissions, and as pleased as we were about that, we nevertheless had to make difficult choices. In addition to focusing on women pirates as either main characters or focus of the story, we were aiming for a wide range of pirating, in various settings and interpretations of piracy, and we were unable to include all the stories we wish we could have.
Although we found the premise of "Bella's Battle" intriguing, we would have liked to see more emphasis on Isabella's decision to becomea pirate. Certainly, a sibling at sea can be a powerful motivator, but she hadn't seen Juan Pedro in awhile and more background into the relationship the two of them had before he was "lost at sea" would have strengthened that element of your story. That said, we hope thatyou will consider us as a possible venue for your work should we be granted an opportunity to do another anthology of pirate stories.
Many thanks again and good luck to you with future endeavors, authorial and otherwise.
Best wishes,
Andi Marquette and R. G. Emanuelle
Mindancer Press can be found here:

I do believe that the story needed more information to fully work, but I was working with a 7,000 word limit, and the story was very close to it. They were very kind though, and I definitely would keep them in mind for the future, if they were to do another pirating anthology down the line. As for "Bella's Battle," I would actually like to expand it when I have time and add all they mentioned. I could easily see the story branching out into 20,000-30,000 words, so sometime down the line, I'll have to go back to it and continue writing.

In other news, I submitted "Hounded" today to The Beast Within 2: The Beast Unleashed anthology. They have a two-three week response time, so I should know something about the story fairly soon. I really do hope it has a chance and it is what they are looking for.

I also should hear back from the All About Eve anthology in the next couple of days. If I don't hear back from them by October 1, then I'll have to email them and see what is going on.

I did hear back from Wild Child Publishing about "Once Upon a December Nightmare." It was just an email to inform me that the submissions editor now has my story, and it'll take another six-eight weeks before I hear back on it. *sighs*

In other writing news, I plan to submit a story to Mertales. My lovely author friend, Aubrie, told me about it, and she recently had her story accepted to it. I hope to find time this week to write the story that is currently titled "Neptune's Treasure."

I must admit that it is sometimes a little frustrating to get all these rejections. They aren't rejecting my writing skills though. None of them had said that I'm a terrible writer or that I should never submit again or anything like that. I just haven't found the right audience for my stories yet. I'm not going to give up, but it is frustrating at times to have a perfectly good story but to hear that it isn't just quite right for them. Oh, well. Hopefully I'll have better luck with the things I have out there now. *crosses fingers*


Aubrie said...

Oh boy, Neptune's Treasure sounds sooo good. And that letter was really nice, it sounds like they really want you to write another story for them. We'll see what they say about my silly "Pirate Wannabe" story. *cringes*

Cherie Reich said...

I'll send you "Neptune's Treasure" when I finish it. I wrote the first little part yesterday (around 500 words). I hope to finish it this week. *crosses fingers* And, I'm sure your pirate story will get in. It was a lot of fun.