Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bella's Battle

"Bella's Battle" 5,663 words (Adventure/Fiction)

Isabella de la Vega is the heiress to her father's sugar plantation, but every day, she waits for any news of her brother, Juan Pedro, who was lost at sea during a hurricane. When she travels to Kingston with her slave Anne, she finds a wanted poster of the vicious pirate Drifter. This pirate and her brother have the same eyes, and Isabella is bound and determined to find him. She sneaks aboard the merchant ship Das Geld, but they are soon boarded by pirates. Drifter is there, and she knows he is her brother, but he doesn't remember her. As Isabella becomes the pirate Bella, can she persuade Drifter that he is really her brother Juan Pedro or is he lost to her forever?

Yes, I finally finished "Bella's Battle." I've been working on this story for about a month, and I'm so excited that it is finished. Once I hear back from my lovely and wonderful readers and make what corrections need to be done, then I'll send it off to Skulls and Crossbones anthology.

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