Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Submission: Eclipse for The Way of the Wizard anthology

I submitted "Eclipse" today to The Way of the Wizard anthology. I believe it followed most of the criteria he was looking for, except perhaps showing magic from a different cultural view. I did blend some cultures into Eclipse (Egyptian/Greek), but those are more traditional views. "Eclipse" takes place in a different world, and I do believe Raven Woodcroft is quite extraordinary in her magical abilities of being a light thief and bringer of darkness, despite not being an evil character. Of course, evil and good have very fine lines in the short story. I do hope that JJ Adams will hold the story for consideration and not just reject it out of hand, but we'll have to see. He said he would be quick with rejections, so hopefully I'll know one way or the other before long. Of course, if he holds it for consideration, then I'll have to wait until after March 2010 to find out if my story was accepted.

I do have some plans for "Eclipse" if it isn't accepted by The Way of the Wizard anthology. I was originally going to search for another publishing place, but I think if it isn't accepted with the anthology that I might submit it to Mystic Moon Press. I do not have a fantasy story there, and I think having a mystery, horror, and fantasy stories up there with them would be a good threesome and show my various talents in the three genres. The only question is do I leave it the way it is and submit it or do I continue the story and have it have a more resolved ending? I am uncertain about that, and I could go either way. Of course, these things will only happen if my story isn't held for consideration.

If "Eclipse" is rejected, I have another wizard story in mind, so I will keep trying.

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