Monday, July 6, 2009

The Phoenix Prophetess - Chapter Twenty-Eight

I finished writing chapter twenty-eight in The Phoenix Prophetess today. The novel now stands at 70,272 words long. I still have nine chapters left to write in it before the first draft is finished. I did not manage to get a chapter written last week, so I'm hoping to write two chapters this week, if I get a chance. I believe it is coming along pretty well, and I'm excited about the next chapter in particular. It'll be fun and some nice tension between the two boys (Liam and Tym).

I also hope to work on my pirate story this week and perhaps a chapter for Moonlight Murders. It'll be a busy week for writing, and I hope to at least get another chapter of The Phoenix Prophetess done as well as the pirate story finished. We'll have to see how the week goes.

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