Thursday, July 30, 2009

Chapter Thirty of The Phoenix Prophetess and Other News

I finally finished writing Chapter Thirty in The Phoenix Prophetess today. It took me forever to find the time and energy to finish writing it. Currently, my novel stands at 75,534 words, and I have seven chapters left to go. In other words, I might not finish the novel by the end of August, but that is okay. The main thing is to continue working on it and finishing it as soon as possible. I do want to have it edited and read by my second reader by the end of the year, so starting in January 2010, I can send it out to publishers and agents. By the way, I did really enjoy writing chapter thirty. There is some more Tym-Yssa-Liam tension. There is a huge ball in the palace. Plus, we find out that all might not be right in the palace of Amora.

On other news, I've been working a bit on "Once Upon a December Nightmare." I finished with some more edits. I'm waiting to hear back from my good friend Christine on what she thinks of the story. Then, I plan to make a few characterization changes to further the characters from the real people who inspired the horror story. I have been trying to find some place to submit it, but it's been hard and rather depressing. I've been looking at epublishers that do short stories, but most of them seem to be scams. At least, when I type in their name and scam, at least one person thinks they are a scam. *sighs* What happened with Mystic Moon Press has really made me skittish and scared to try another epublisher. There is one I might try, but I just don't know. I've also been looking into some e-zines and the like. Unfortunately, most of those want stories that are 10,000 words or less. "Once Upon a December Nightmare" is currently at 10,220 words. I could shave it down a bit perhaps, but I don't know if I want to. Now, if I cut off the epilogue, it would make it 8,294 words. I really don't want to leave the story without the epilogue, but I might have to or just add a bit to make it a less cliff-hanger ending. *shrugs* I just don't know what to do with the story right now.

I have recently had some more thoughts about Moonlight Murders. Once I finish with The Phoenix Prophetess, I'm going to go back to work on that story. I do plan to use "The Case of the Tom Cat" as the prologue for Moonlight Murders.

I still need to finish "Bella's Battle" for the Skulls and Crossbones anthology. I likely won't be able to finish it by the end of tomorrow, but I do hope to finish it soon. It isn't due until September 1, so I still have a bit of time. Hopefully, I can work on it some more this afternoon and possible tomorrow. *crosses fingers*

I still haven't heard back from the three stories I've submitted to other publishers. I should know more in September, but the waiting is hard. Wake me up when September beings. *laughs*

Well, I am glad I finally am getting back into writing. I've been so busy at work and so tired lately. Plus, all the stuff that happened with Mystic Moon Press really drained my writing energy and energy in general. I haven't given up though.

Thanks everyone for the kind words during this trying time. *smiles*


Aubrie said...

I'm so glad you are getting back into writing! I can't wait to read Phoenix Prophetess.

I'll have to try typing in the piblisher's name and scam int he same google search. That's a good idea.

I hate waiting! I have no idea why the publishing world goes so slow.

Cherie Reich said...

I don't know why the publishing world goes so slow either. Perhaps they want to weed out the ones that really aren't cut out to be writers. *shrugs*