Friday, May 29, 2009

Review - The Case of the Tom Cat

Here is one of two reviews I've already received for my e-book short story The Case of the Tom Cat.

"The Case of the Tom Cat" by Cherie Reich
Charlotte Parker is a compassionate and talented young journalist in a time that women aren't respected as well as men. So she writes under a pseudonym and is one of the most popular journalists with the city's newspaper. Her newest case involving the stories of prostitutes at a local brothel has caused someone to threaten her life. She comes to a pair of famous investigators, Liam O'Hare and Dr. Johnson, for help in finding out who wants her dead. Only a very select few know her true identity. Through clever thinking and a bit of investigating, O'Hare believes he knows who the prospective murderer is and they set up an ambush in Charlotte's apartment. She is terrified because the person has already killed her beloved cat, but she puts her trust in the investigators and they do not fail her.
"The Case of the Tom Cat" is a wonderful short story in the style of the old Sherlock Holmes tales. Cherie Reich writes a compelling mystery in a crisp and clean manner. It is written in first person through the perspective of Dr. Johnson and the reader is quickly caught up in the urgency of the case. His companion, O'Hare, has a brilliant and mysterious aura that is fascinating to read about. Charlotte's plight draws out the emotion of not only the characters, but the reader as well. It is easy to get caught up in the story and try to discover for yourself who the culprit may be. That's what makes a good mystery and Cherie has done that expertly.
This is Cherie Reich's first published story and I'm eagerly hoping to read more in the future.

Christine Rains

Please check out Christine Rains's works. She is a brilliant writer and my good friend.

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