Friday, May 29, 2009

The Case of the Tom Cat

Everyone, it is finally here! The Case of the Tom Cat is finally available for purchase through Mystic Moon Press. I'm so excited about it, and according to the Mystic Moon Press bookstore, it is already number one on their best sellers list. I hope everyone who buys it enjoys it. I would like to hear what people think about it as well. It is my first story ever published. I am very excited about it, which I already mentioned. I also wish to thank everyone who buys it. You people are the greatest!

Here is what The Case of the Tom Cat is about:

The Case Of The Tom Cat

Starting at: $1.29

Author/s: Cherie Reich

Cover Artist: Brightling Spur

Length: Teaser (12 pages, 3622 word count)

ISBN: None

Genres: Crime, Mystery

Charlotte Parker is a brilliant journalist who writes under the pen name Charles P. Barker for the Pall Mall Gazette. After finding a bloody message to stop writing or else is left on her bedroom wall, she seeks Detective Liam O'Hare's assistance in solving the case. He immediately takes the case, and along with his trusty sidekick Dr. Johnson, they are led to the back alleys of the brothel known as the Tom Cat, where Charlotte is working on an unofficial story. Liam O'Hare must solve this case soon before the fiend's threat is carried out.

There is also an excerpt where you can read a small part of the story. You can find out how to buy it at Mystic Moon Press - Cherie Reich

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Aubrie said...

This was a great read! I recommend this short story to anyone who likes good period style mysteries!