Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday's Writing Update: In over my head

Happy Wednesday!

First off, Talli Roland's book launch is today and she's hosting a "If I could be anyone, I'd be..." blogfest. Click here to see who I would want to be and for a link to the other participants. I also reviewed Watching Willow Watts on Surrounded by Books Reviews. You can read the review here.

Also, I interviewed Michelle Davidson Argyle about her novel Monarch. I'm hosting a chance to win an ebook copy, so click here for more information.

As for writing/editing news, I've been working almost exclusively on The Phoenix Prophetess. This second edit's focus lies in fixing the writing. The Phoenix Prophetess was the first novel I ever wrote, so the writing was rough to say the least. In the first edit, I took out backstory and head hopping. This edit, I'm focusing on the writing. Then the third edit, I'll take my CPs' suggestions and focus on getting deep into Yssa's head. I hope by the time the third edit is done, I can do just a quick proofread to check grammar/spelling and tweak some things and it'll be ready to go. I hope to accomplish all of this by October 4th. Wish me luck.

I still have some other things I need to do including synopsis, query letter, and character/place bible for The Phoenix Prophetess as well as a critique assignment for the small publisher I work for, books to read and review, and two and a half short stories to write.

I sometimes think I'm in over my head.

So what's everyone else up to lately?


Christine Rains said...

You can do it! Your passion for the story will take you farther than you think. (Or is that further? *LOL*) Don't let yourself get too far over your head. You don't want to drown or burn out.

Hart Johnson said...

Good luck on the editing! I'm in editing hell, myself... Sept 30 deadline, so we can keep each other company. I'm trying to get a body moved forward, but it changes EVERYTHING later! ACK!

Nice choice on your 'who you'd be', too!

Aubrie said...

You're not in over your head. You're doing awesome!

I loved reading it, and I can't wait to see the revisions and the rest of the story.