Friday, August 12, 2011

#fridayflash "What a Vampire Wants"

*I apologize for being a bit later with my flash than usual. I ran out of time during the week and had to write it today. This piece involves the vampire Morrigan, who is in Virtuoso.*

"What a Vampire Wants"

The staccato beat filled Morrigan's head. If her heart still pounded in her chest, it would echo the rhythm. She sniffed. Hot sweat and blood mingled with the drummer's masculine scent. Saliva flooded her mouth as she anticipated the first taste.

The drumming continued, explosive and raw. Her feet itched to dance to its powerful call.

She paused.

Memories long past of her previous life emerged from their depths. A single word tugged on her tongue until she repeated it: Cairbre. Love's seed failed to bloom within her at the thought of her first love.

She'd grown past such frivolity.

This man, though, he reminded her of another. Arcturius had made her, loved her, warped her into who she was.

He'd left her.

No more.

She shifted within shadows toward the window. The beats hammered into her body until she spied the woman behind him, hugging the drummer. He stopped playing, but it didn't quench her throbbing body.

The other woman's blond hair draped over his shoulder. She smiled and laughed, placing kisses upon his cheek.

Morrigan's fists clenched, her fingernails digging into her flesh. She rested her forehead against the warm, smooth glass. The urge to smash it built inside her. Hate boiled in her belly, soured by an embrace just out of her own reach.

She breathed upon the window and wrote four letters in the condensation.


She would have him.


Aubrie said...

Ha! He doesn't know what's coming, does he?

Lol! Great flash fiction. :)

Summer Ross said...

Good piece. She is very determined and hurt.

Christine Rains said...

Awesome! :)

Larry Kollar said...

Uhoh… havoc is about to ensue, methinks! Great scene here.

Julie Flanders said...

Awesome story! I wanted more when I got to the end, great work.