Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday's Writing Update: A Death, a belated birthday, and more!

On Saturday, best-selling author Lilian Jackson Braun of the “Cat Who” series died at the age of 97. You can read her obituary here. I didn’t hear about her death until late Monday, and it really has saddened me. I believe I read my first “Cat Who” book she wrote in fourth grade. Throughout the years, my mom and I loved her books. There are few things better than cats in mystery novels, so she will be missed.

I realized this week that I missed my two-year blogger anniversary. I started this blog on May 29, 2009. Happy Belated Birthday, blog!

If you follow things over at my review blog Surrounded by Books Reviews, I have an announcement there. You might be interested in checking it out.

My short story “A Killer Rose Garden” is featured on Raven and the Writing Desk today.

My mind has been stuck in edits. Unfortunately, none of them are edits on Virtuoso. That’s what I get for being a freelance editor. *laughs* I hope to get back to my novel work after June 15th. *crosses fingers*

And, if you haven’t heard – where have you been if you haven’t? – Elana Johnson’s Possession made its debut yesterday! I even found it at B&N when I stopped by there, although I’m waiting for my copy to come from

So what’s been going on with everyone else this week?


Christine Rains said...

Hey, your blogs anniversary is on mine! That's a good way to remember. ^_^ Good luck with all your editing. I am in still in awe how much you manage to do. So far this week, I've been too busy to do much of anything. I need to write or edit something! Maybe I should go back to my novel now and get the process started on it.

Aubrie said...

Edits can take up the entire day! I hope you get back to writing soon!

I've been writing writing writing. :) Edits will come next.

Alleged Author said...

Happy birthday to your blog and congrats on your story!

Misha Gerrick said...

Happy Blogaversary!

I'm so excited for Elana Johnson. It must be beyond thrilling to see your own book in the big chain stores.