Thursday, June 30, 2011

Now Available - Stories for Sendai!

Today is our official release of Stories for Sendai. If you are planning to buy a copy, we would appreciate it if you did it today, so we can rush the Amazon charts. Click here to buy the paperback version (e-version forthcoming).

Plus, if you buy a copy, you can be entered in to win prizes. Click here to find out about it. Contest ends July 15th.

A description of this charity anthology: A collection of inspirational short stories loosely themed around the strength of the human spirit. All proceeds will be donated to GlobalGiving in aid of victims of the earthquake and tsunami. GlobalGiving will disburse the funds to relief organisations and emergency services on the ground, including International Medical Corps and Save the Children. But that's not all! Aside from raising funds to support aid efforts, we also hope that our combined messages of strength in the face of adversity, of silver linings in storm clouds, will shine a light in these dark times, providing a brief respite in a time of crisis.

The Contributing Authors and Their Stories: 
Population 1 by Philip Allen Loring

Water Child by Julie Christine

Obaachan by Davin Malasarn

The Children of Sendai  by Lorraine Leo

The Last Geisha by Bat-Ami Gordin

A Place to Start by Gale Massey

Kansai Oniisan by C.N. Nevets

The Memory Box by Heather Parker

Tommy's Legacy by J.C. Martin

It Just Seemed the Thing to Do by Roland D. Yeomans

Floating House in the Fleeting World by Kirsty Logan

Thread by Michelle Davidson Argyle

Folding Hope by Cherie Reich

After the Floods by Sushma Joshi

If My Parents Don't Love Me (I'll Go Live With My Rats) by Stephen Conley

Kartar Singh's Birthday by Damyanti Ghosh

Final Solution by Lucy Cripps

Moving the Mountain by Aron White

A View of Fujiyama by J.R. McRae

Messenger by Jake Henegan


Julie Flanders said...

This is a wonderful idea! Someone I had totally missed that you guys were doing this. I will buy my copy today. It's great to be able to support such a worthwhile cause, while also discovering new authors and reading great stories. :)

Jennifer Hillier said...

Congrats on the anthology coming out! It's a lovely cause and I'm so impressed with you guys! Can't wait to read it!