Friday, July 1, 2011

#fridayflash "Hot Sand and Fireworks"

Hot Sand and Fireworks

Sand clung to Georgia's toes. The summer heat still soaked into those top particles, and she shifted from foot to foot. Salty spray inched closer. She darted forward, chasing the waves. They roared back, playing tag. She giggled when the water caught her. It pulled the sand from her feet.


She froze and stared upward. Her mouth opened and eyes stared wide toward the sparkling green and red lights. They rose higher and higher. Then they fizzled as they shimmered outward, like streamers on her bike's handlebars.


The sound rushed through her body, causing her to unfreeze. She yelped and dashed away from the ocean's edge.

"Mommy!" She grasped her mommy's legs, wrapping her arms around them as tight as they could go. Her body trembled and she squeezed her eyes shut.


Fingers danced through her hair, tapped along her head. Mommy placed her hand underneath Georgia's chin and lifted it away from her thigh.

"Georgia, dear, it's just fireworks. They won't harm you." She leaned over and tugged on her. The child held on, but relented and climbed into her mommy's arms. "Shh, there now. Don't cry. The fireworks are pretty. See."

Boom! Boom!

She didn't realize she had been crying until her mommy told her. After she brushed the dampness onto her mommy's shoulder, she peeked toward the sky. Gold and blue rained down in the sky, disappearing before it touched them. She shuddered.

Her mommy swayed back and forth. A soft hum vibrated against her temple.


She stiffened. The humming grew louder. She unclenched her hands and relaxed against her mommy.


She opened her eyes a little bit, spotting the streaming light. Red and blue intermingled, reminding her of flowers. She smiled slightly.


This firework spun in circles. She giggled at its silliness. 

"They're pretty things, aren't they?"

Georgia nodded.


"I like them."

Her mommy embraced her as they watched the sparkling lights booming into the sky.


Aubrie said...

I don't remember when I saw fireworks for the first time. I bet it was scary. Great story!


Christine Rains said...

That was cute. There will be no fireworks for us this year. It's too late for Brandon to be staying up. Next year, though.

Summer Ross said...

Great flash piece! I wish I could remember when i first saw them, but I have a few great memories of the 4th being out at the lake and the fireworks going off.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I was terrified the first time I saw fireworks. They were too loud. I was at the beach for the 4th last year, and all down the beach people were setting them off. It was beautiful. :)