Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wednesday's Writing Update

Oh, where to begin with my Wednesday's Writing Update?

For starters, I finished the first draft of Missing on Sunday, November 28th. It came in at 51,669 words. You can read more about it here. And, the last installment of the flash fiction related to Missing can be read here. By finishing this first draft, I now have three completed first drafts of novels in two years.

I received an acceptance from Abandoned Towers for "Soul Survivor." It'll be for their online edition. I wrote "Soul Survivor" in 2005, and it was the first short story I've ever written. Since then, it's gone through different revisions, including a complete rewrite in January 2010 at the request of the Abandoned Towers' staff. I'm so pleased it was accepted, and I'll let everyone know when it is up and they can read it.

Back in October, I entered Hannah Kincade's Halloween contest. I didn't win, but she put up all the entries on her blog. You can read "Shadow" here. By the way, there are some other great entries she put up during November, so if you have a spare moment, be sure to read them. As a side note, "Shadow" was inspired by a dream I had.

Now, since it is December 1st, here is November's stats.
Submissions: 0
Rejections: 0
Acceptances: 1 ("Soul Survivor")
Word Count: 52,335 words
Submissions Still Out There: 1

Of course, my NaNoWriMo novel took up the majority of the word count for November. *winks*

Now, on to December's goals, and I have quite a few of them. There are five Fridays in December, so I decided to divide the items in the song "The Twelve Days of Christmas." Then, I'm writing in one or more items into a flash fiction piece for each Friday throughout the month. The first one is already written, so look for it on Friday. I hope to write the other four this week and set them to go up on their respective Fridays.

Also, for Raven and the Writing Desk, our theme is Christmas elves. I'll be writing my short story next week and the first part of our three-part story next week too.

Aubrie Dionne mentioned to me about a very awesome pirate anthology from Wicked East Press. I have a neat idea for it, so I hope to write it either next week or the next.

Then, I need to write my Fangtales entry after that.

And, probably most of all, I plan to do my research, character sketches, new blurbs, outline, a synopsis, and world building exercises for Virtuoso. Starting in January, I'll be rewriting the entire novel to some extent from scratch.

So even though I wrote an entire first draft of a novel last month, I plan to do quite a bit of writing this month too (although not as much in word count!). I'm really looking forward to beginning new projects and working on some old ones.

I still can't believe it is December already, though! Seriously, where did the time go?


Nicole Zoltack said...

Sounds like you been busy and plan to stay busy. Good for you and good luck with meeting your goals! :)

Cherie Reich said...

Thanks, Nicole! With the holiday season, I'll need some luck getting everything done. :)

Lola Sharp said... are going to be a busy bee.

CONGRATS on your winning Nano word count! ☆∴*★∵∶。◦°✰*¨*•.¸¸✩ (<- that's my version of confetti)

Happy December!

ali cross said...

Congrats on NaNo AND on Soul Survivor! That's awesome!