Thursday, June 3, 2010

Liar, Liar!

Yesterday, I received this award from the talented Nicole Zoltack of Where Fantasy and Love Take Flight.

For this award, I nominate 7 other bloggers, but I also have to tell you 7 things about myself. Either 6 outrageous truths and 1 outrageous lie or 1 outrageous truth and 6 outrageous lies. But I'm not going to tell you which, that's some of the fun of this award.

Leave a comment as to which one is the only truth or lie.

Now onto the statements!

1. At one time, I had over twenty cats.
2. I discovered an old boyfriend I was currently dating at the time was gay from a friend.
3. I've never had the leading female role in a play.
4. I've done this blog award before, and you can read that post here.
5. I've never been in an airplane, but I have flown in a helicopter before.
6. The last time I went on a date was over three years ago.
7. One time, I was inquiring about a patron goddess and requested a sign. I was outside at the time, and an owl flew above my head. So, for this reason, I consider Athena to be my patron goddess.

And now I'm supposed to pick seven new people for this award, but I hate to choose, so anyone who follows this blog and hasn't received this award before (or wants to do it again), they can have it.


Aubrie said...

I know #4 is true, and I'm leaning toward #1 as well. :)

Cherie Reich said...

Hehe! Good guesses. I made it a bit tricky. On the last one, I did 6 lies and one truth. On this one, I did 6 truths and one lie.

Nicole Zoltack said...

I'll guess that #5 is a lie.

Lisa Rusczyk said...

Love the new blog look. Interesting truths!

Cherie Reich said...

Thanks for guessing. Now, 5 is actually true. The only lie is #3 I've never had the leading female role in a play.

Once I had the leading female role in a church play, and it was a lot of fun.