Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Flash: Haven City


Today's #fridayflash comes from an idea I have for a futuristic superhero fantasy novel. This piece was my way to just jot down some ideas for the beginning.

Haven City

Haven City had once risen from the ashes like a phoenix only to be buried in the soot of mankind. But Samantha Sam Chase held her hope in their new mayor James Mischner, Jr.

He stood upon the podium on that bitterly cold January day. His scarlet scarf flicked in the wind. Yet his brilliant smile warmed the city and took this librarian’s breath away. James had been a long time friend, even though he pulled himself from middle class nobody to multimillionaire and she’d remained picking up pennies along her path. His connections with City Hall had gotten her the job at Haven City Public Library. She owed her life to him.

He would bridge the gap between poor and rich and stop the corruption soiling Haven’s good name.

“We will change Haven City one brick at a time. My first task as mayor will be to find a new police commissioner to clean up our town. We won’t stand for corruption.” James banged his palm upon the podium and the crowd cheered. His green eyes luminescent even from her position toward the back.

He was their light on the darkest night.

And if they ever discovered how she’d hacked into the voting precincts and rigged the vote for James to win, it would all be undone. Her burden and crime was for her city’s life. They’d never forgive her.

James would loath her.

But she’d do it all again, no matter the consequences.


S.A. Larsenッ said...

I really like the opening line. Totally catches my attention. There's almost a poetic edge to it. Nicely done.

The premise sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Quite a situation she put herself in!

Terri Talley Venters said...

SA is right, that is a fantasitc opening line! I love the new cover for your Once Upon a December Nightmare, btw =)

Have a great weekend, Cherie!

Unknown said...

I sooo wasn't expecting that twist at the end. Well done, Cheri. I loved it. :D

Christine Rains said...

Ooh, I like this idea. Futuristic superhero story. Awesome!

M Pax said...

Very interesting, especially with the rigged voting.

Jay Noel said...

Dang! The the ends justify the means???


So is Sam a superhero hacker?

Golden Eagle said...

I love that there's more to the character than first appears. It's not often the MC is the one leading the corruption instead of the person actually running!

Tracy MacDonald said...

I was not expecting that the librarian had rigged the voting. Would love to find out more about why and what her motivation was. She obviously smart, and I like that. Nice Flash!

sjp said...

Love that twist on character, adds so much strength and depth, great last line

Anonymous said...

I loved the buildup until that surprise ending.