Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wednesday's Writing Update: 2012 Writing Goals

Happy Wednesday!

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Well, as 2011 draws to a close, it's time to look back on old goals and look forward to a new year.

As for 2011, I'm a bit disappointed. I didn't get quite as much done as I planned. These things happen, but I feel like 2012 will be better.

For 2012, I want to read more books on the craft of writing. I have to admit I haven't finished reading through one yet. I read a lot on your blogs and learn by trial and error, but it's time to read more on the craft of writing. I'd like to get one book read every two months next year. I want to read more in general as well and more in the genres I write.

I made up a writing/editing plan for 2012. It's subject to change, but I spaced things out a bit better than I originally planned.

In 2012, I want to write two new novels: The Cassandra Project: Mindful Truths (a YA Paranormal Thriller) and Paranormal Junkies (a YA Horror). I want to write a novelette: Fighting Gravity (Space Fantasy Romance). I want to write some short story collections: The Foxwick Chronicles (Fantasy Short Stories - Women of Foxwick, Men of Foxwick, Neighbors of Foxwick, and A to Z Flashes of Foxwick). I also have two novellas in mind: Confessions of a Telekinetic (Paranormal Thriller) and Nightmare Ever After (Paranormal Horror/Thriller, sequel to Once Upon a December Nightmare). Of course, I'll have flash fiction every Friday and in April for twenty-six days in the A to Z Blogging Challenge.

In editing, I want to edit the short story collections, novellas, and novelette. I also plan to finally finish edits on four of my novels: Starred, The Phoenix Prophetess, Missing, and The Last Prophetess. I do have good news about The Last Prophetess. I figured out how the rest will go. It'll be in three parts like The Phoenix Prophetess. The bad news, I only wrote Part I and a couple chapters in Part II so far, so I'll be editing and writing the rest in late 2012.

If all goes as planned--when does that ever happen--then by the end of 2012, I'll have four edited novels and seven written novels since I started writing in January 2009. Of course, all of these plans are subject to change due to real life and if certain novels get picked up. *shrugs* One can hope.

Next year, I want to try my hand at self-publishing, create my own business for publishing my own work and my editorial services, and query agents and publishers for my novels.

It sounds like a lot. It's probably more than I can handle, but I like a good challenge. Plus, there is something about new years that seem magical. Like anything can happen and be possible.

So what are your writing goals or general goals for this new year?


Aubrie said...

Great goals for 2012! It sounds like a lot, but I bet it's doable.

The thing I'm most excited about: the sequel to December Nightmare!!!!! That's going to sell like no tomorrow!

Elizabeth Twist said...

Those are big goals! I always find it's better to aim high than to make modest goals you know you can meet. I would rather see my goal list as a challenge than a meh.

Sarah Allen said...

These are fantastic! I've got 4 different writing projects I want to get done in the next year, but I hadn't really thought of making reading goals too. That's not a bad idea.
Sarah Allen
(my creative writing blog)

Nicole Pyles said...

Good goals! For mine, I hope to finish my long-lasting ten years in the making fantasy novel by FEBRUARY (ugh, can I do it??), and then I hope that by June it's edited enough so that I can get a second pair of eyes to look at it. My next goal is for my blog - to really make it a site that writers will find helpful in SOME way.

Good luck to us all!!!

Susan Oloier said...

There is something magical about a new year. I hope 2012 exceeds your expectations. Good luck with your goals.

Christine Rains said...

Wow! My eyes popped out reading all of that, but I know you. You can do it! :) I want to get back to writing one short story a month and submitting it. Plus, revise and submit three novels. That seems like a lot for me, but I'll be very happy if I can do it.

Summer Ross said...

Wow that is a lot! I had only planned to try finishing one novel let alone four! But you are right there is a magical element to New Years and anything can happen. :)

Nicole Zoltack said...

Great goals! I always think it's better to aim a little higher than you think is possible so that you try harder to get more done. At least that's what I do. :)

Good luck completing them all!

Clarissa Draper said...

What great goals. I hope to get more writing done in the new year. I have to buckle down and write though.

The Blogger Girlz said...

Great goals, and breaking it down into smaller pieces was a great idea. Everything always looks better when it's smashed up.

Helen Ginger said...

High goals, but you can achieve them.
It sounds like so much when you list them all, but you've got 12 months.

Sarah Pearson said...

You sound really organised. I want to make some goals but, if they're anything like resolutions, I'll just fail at all of them :-)

C D Meetens said...

Good luck with all of that! I don't know how you do it. I'm still trying to finish one novel, although I'd like to write another at some point...

Yay to The Last Prophetess being figured out, and Part I being written :).

I agree about the start of a new year seeming to be full of possibilities.

Tasha Seegmiller said...

Best of luck with your very big goals. I hope you have lots of success.