Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Crusader Group 9: Choose Your Own Adventure Bloghop

Your fingers shake as they dart forward and clasp the Yeti's fur. You can't feel how soft it is with your gloves on, but it's warm and reminds you of a furry cow, definitely not the monster you thought it would be.

The Yeti nudges against your hand, luring you to touch it more.

"That's a good Yeti." Your voice is gentle, cooing.

The beast grunts and turns its big, black eyes toward you. You can just barely make out the pinpricks of light gleaming in its gaze.

The light outside is dying, and if you don't leave the cave soon, then you might freeze.

A blustery breeze reminds you of the dangers outside. Perhaps it would be better to share the cave with the Yeti tonight. You could imagine sleeping beside the furry creature. You think of the story you could tell on how you befriended a Yeti. Perhaps it would make a good pet.

"Hello, there. Good Yeti. That's a good boy."

You scratch under its chin, thinking you almost hear it purring.

"Such a nice creature." You continue petting it.

The last of the light leaves the cave and plunges you into darkness. The Yeti's soft fur vanishes from your gloved hand.

"Yeti? Where are you?"

A grunting sound answers you.

Fear tingles along your spine. You back into the wall. Rock bites through your winter coat.


Scratching rustles to your left, blocking the entrance…your only path of escape. Your mouth goes dry. You tremble; this time not from the cold.

A strong arm grasps around your waist. You whimper and let out a strangled scream as you're lifted up and thrown over the Yeti's shoulder.

You had to pet it. You always have to touch. You berate yourself as he carries you farther into the vast cavern.

The air is no longer cold when it settles on the floor with you. You're on the Yeti's lap, almost growing warm despite the cold terror settling in your veins. It brings a large hand up and pats your head.

It grumbles and grunts, sounds almost happy.

Certainty flows through your brain. It doesn't want to harm you, but you may never get out of here alive.

It appears the Yeti has a new pet.

The End

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S.A. Larsenッ said...

Wow...so great. I completely missed this. Yay for Crusader Group 9!

Christine Rains said...

That was a lot of fun! ^_^ I never run. Silly me!

Susanna Leonard Hill said...

I'm on my second set of choices - I like ending up as the Yeti's pet better than the first one :) Such a fun idea, this choose your own adventure!