Friday, December 31, 2010

Flash Fiction Fridays

Dancing Ladies, Leaping Lords, Pipers Piping, and Drummers Drumming

Lord Dawning winced when he heard the sound of the pipers beginning what was supposed to be festive dance music. He’d hoped for a flute or a harp, but he got bagpipes and drums. The rat-tat-a-tat of the drums began, and the lord felt like he was attending a funeral instead of a party.

Sighing, he searched the growing crowd for one particular maiden. She saved him that day months ago when his horse threw him at the lake. Then, she disappeared, and he hadn’t seen since. He searched the village and surrounding farms, but no such woman was forthcoming.

She must be married, but he prayed she wasn’t. He hoped his ruse of a New Year’s festival for all the villagers wouldn’t be for naught, especially after all the money he’d put into the dressmaker to make suitable gowns for all the young ladies under his realm.

The ladies were beautiful like a flower garden in their reds, greens, oranges, blues, and purples. Their dresses twirled and swirled around with that dreadful beat. The men leapt in the air and danced with various women, but he still didn’t spot the brown-eyed blonde that had saved his life and stolen his heart.

“My good Lord Dawning,” a piper said, “pick a fair lass and join in our dance.”

“Dance, dance.” The crowd cheered, and the lovely ladies lined for Lord Dawning’s approval.

Inwardly, he would rather be mucking out the stables or some other hideous task than to have to pick any but his fair heroine. Yet, he played the part of gracious host and strolled amongst the beauties.

Then, there she was. The woman with the curvaceous hips, golden hair, and soulful brown eyes. “M’lady, would you care for this dance,” he asked, giving her a courtly bow.

A flush rose across her ample bosom and tinged her cheeks a delicate pink. She curtsied, and the blond wisps fell in front of her eyes. “Aye, Lord Dawning.”

He took her hand and noticed the calluses of labor upon them. It made her seem so real to him. “What is your name, m’lady?”


“It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Leto.” The pipes started up, followed by the drums. Lord Dawning leapt into the air and twirled her around.

A nervous giggle escaped from her throat, but when she smiled at him, he felt like the heavens had brought him a rainbow of light.

“Thank you for rescuing me,” he whispered into her ear when he pulled her close to him. Her eyes widened in surprised, and he laughed and they danced.

At the moment, the pipes didn’t really sound quite as mournful with Leto there.

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