Monday, November 29, 2010

Promo Monday

On today's Promo Monday, I would like to promote the blogzine Hazard Cat. My good friend Lisa Rusczyk is the editor and creator of it, and she does a fantastic job picking stories, poetry, art, etc. about cats. As a cat lover myself, I enjoy reading it, and I even have my story "Hounded" published on it.
"Hounded" Blurb: Toby Hound is not only a private investigator, but he is also a were-hound. When the lovely and mysterious Catherine "Cat" Reynolds comes to his office, Toby is intrigued. The woman is certain her sister is missing, and Toby believes that she may be on to something when he discovers that four other women are also missing from the area in the past three months. His investigation takes him to a bar called the Wolf's Den that is run by a werewolf. Amanda "Kitten" Reynolds scent is there, and Toby knows that he is on the right trail. When Cat comes into the picture and screws up the investigation by being taken herself, Toby must race against time and the full moon to find Cat and Kitten before it is too late.

You can read "Hounded" here.

Also, if you enjoy the blog and have a Kindle, you can buy the blog on your Kindle here.

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Aubrie said...

This is a great blog and I don't even have any cats! :)