Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August Writing Goals and up-coming vacation

July is gone, and it is now August. Where has this year gone? July was a very successful writing month for me, and I'd like to touch on July's stats.

Word count: 12,470
Submissions: 1
Submissions out in submission world: 5
Rejections: 0
Acceptances: 0

I wrote two short stories, five flash fiction pieces, wrote one chapter of my novella, and wrote one chapter of my WIP novel and polished three chapters. Most exciting of all is that I wrote 12,470 words last month. I haven't written that many words in one month since February.

The only goal I didn't complete in July was working on editing/rewriting my previously completed novels, Virtuoso and The Phoenix Prophetess.

As for August, I have similar goals as July. On Mondays, I work on my novel; Tuesdays, short story; Wednesdays, novella; and Thursdays, flash fiction. I must get back into editing my novels, so I'm going to hope to use Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to work on them until they are polished and ready to send to agents. I need one novel to that state by the end of September, since I'll be pitching a novel to an agent/editor at the James River Writers Conference in October.

As for short stories, there are at least four I would like to write:
"They" a post-apocalyptic story
"Government Program 10312010" a horror story
"Rays of Ra" story for Raven and the Writing Desk
"Changeling" a writing prompt contest fantasy story for Gypsy Shadow Publishing.

Of course, I realize I might not get all those stories written, and if I don't, that's fine, but I hope to complete them all the same.

As for this week, I edited the rest of chapter three in Moonlight Murders on Monday. Next Monday, I plan to read through chapter three one more time and then move on to writing chapter four. Today, I think I'll either work on "Rays of Ra" or "They." Wednesday, if I get time, I'll work on chapter two in Panther Moon. And, I'm hoping to edit my novels the rest of the week.

Yesterday, I received my final edits for Once Upon a December Nightmare. I read through it and sent it back. It's almost ready to go. Yay! It'll be my first ebook in over a year since the fiasco with the publisher-who-must-not-be-named.

I'm taking Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off from work, so I won't be online again most likely until Monday. We have dial-up at home, and although I might pop on at least once while I'm gone, it takes about five times as long, if not more, to do things with dial-up. I just can't stand for it, so I will answer emails and such most likely next Monday.

Don't worry, though. Flash Fiction Fridays will still happen. In honor of the release of my ebook Once Upon a December Nightmare, I'll be writing flash fiction with the characters pre-December Nightmare. This week's piece will involve best friends Cassie and Mary. Look for "Departure" on Friday!

And, since I'll be gone, I'm hoping to have a very special surprise ready for my fellow blogger followers on Monday. Yes, I'm up to 30 followers, so do we hear contest? Oh, we just might. But all details will occur next Monday. *grins*

And, one more thing before I head out. I've decided to torture myself again at the next Valley Writers meeting this Thursday. I'll be reading the first chapter of Moonlight Murders. Should I try my British and Cockney accents? I might. Also, I'll find out if my story "Soul Drinker" will be moving on in the Golden Nib competition with the Virginia Writers Club, which I just so happen to be a member of it. I kinda doubt my story will move on, especially since this is my first year with the group and there are so many wonderful and more talented writers than I am, but I had to try. We'll see. 

So, a lot is coming up, but that's fine. *laughs* You don't even want me to tell you how busy I'll be on Wednesday (it involves me getting up at 4:50 AM for it), but I'm hoping my vacation won't wear me out too much. I'll see you again on Monday (and kinda Friday, even though I'm setting up the post today to post on Friday).

Have a great week and weekend!


Aubrie said...

I also commented on LJ, but I forgot to say: Have a great vacation!!! You deserve it! You work so hard.

I want to hear all about it!

Cherie Reich said...

Thanks, Aubrie! I'll tell you all about my vacation when I get back on Monday.

Nicole Zoltack said...

Have a great vacation!

Cherie Reich said...

Thanks, Nicole!

vishal said...
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