Friday, May 21, 2010

Weekly Writing Update

I like to put up these writing updates on Wednesday because of the delightful alliteration of saying "Wednesday's Writing Update," but when I posted my entry on my new short story, I forgot it was Wednesday. So, I'll be getting to an update today, and I'll just find a new alliteration for the title.

This weekend I plan to work on my edits for "Once Upon a December Nightmare." I spent last week looking at the characters and some of this week finding the correct voice to work with, so to speak. Now, I'm ready to get back and working on the edits, and I really hope to finish them by Monday, so I can send them back to Zetta. *crosses fingers*

I haven't finished my new short story yet, but I hope to work more on it next week.

I did hear back from Dark Discoveries today, although it didn't have much to do about my psychological horror story "Eat Your Heart Out." I sent that story to them back on January 15. They say on their website to query them if it has been longer than four months, so I did on May 17. They are backed up and only on December submissions, so mine will be coming up soon, but it means that it'll take a little bit longer. I'm fine with this. I just didn't want them to forget about me. *laughs*

Now, on to the most exciting news of the week, I went to my first Valley Writers meeting. Valley Writers is a chapter organization of Virginia Writers Club. Valley Writers turned 28 this month, so I got in on the celebration. I must admit I was so nervous about attending. I have social anxiety, and although it's gotten a lot better from working with the public in the library, when I do new things, I get very anxious. By the time I left to go to the meeting, I felt like I was going to have a panic attack. *laughs* Luckily, I didn't, and all that worry was for nothing. Everyone was awesome and very funny. I enjoyed being around them. I can't wait to learn more for them. They are all older than I am, and they have years of experience I'll be able to gather from. I printed off an application to join the Virginia Writers Club, and I plan to fill it out and submit it Monday. They have readings, too, and I would love to read something sometime, even though it means reading aloud in front of them with my work. I need the feedback, though. I want to learn, and I can't wait for the next meeting in two weeks.

Well, I hope everyone has a happy Friday and a good weekend! And, if you have a moment, stop over on Google and play Pac-Man. He turns 30 today!

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Aubrie said...

I love Pac-Man! I grew up playing it (You probably did, too, seeing that we're so close in age!)

I'm so glad you had a good time at the meeting. It would be hard for me to read anything out loud to anyone in public. I have a lot of anxiety about public speaking and my voice squeaks!