Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Midsummer Delight

A Midsummer Delight

A gentle summer's breeze rustles the leaves.
Viridian entwines with forest green.
A nightingale's melody in the trees
Awakens the fae, fluttering is seen.

Fireflies sparkle like distant stars above.
The trill of a pan fife echoes within
The glade at night. "Dance, please dance for your love,"
Cries the wee folk in glee. "Sing with your kin!"

A young girl stumbles, lured by the sweet sound.
Fair flesh, cheeks flushed, silky strands of golden locks.
"Oh, my! Faeries don’t fly! Let us dance around!"
Tinkling giggles tumble like little rocks.

"Maiden, don't believe what you see tonight.
It is a dream, and we are the simple sprite."

Here is a poem I wrote on April 15, 2010. Previously, I put up the first four lines of the poem on my blog. Since the poem was rejected, I said that I would put the rest up, and it is here with the picture that inspired it. Enjoy!


Aubrie said...

I love the poem and the picture! I think the simple sprites are really humans in disguise. hehe

Cherie Reich said...

Hehe! I think of the last two lines as awakening from a dream and going back to reality.