Monday, January 4, 2010

A New Day, A New Year

Yes, I recently just blogged about last year, so I thought I would have a new blog about my goals for 2010.

My goals or resolutions, if you will, revolve mainly around writing, although I would like to eat a little better and maybe exercise a little know, your normal yearly resolutions that just about everyone makes.

I hope to have three novels finished this year. My plan is to write The Phoenix Sorceress from January-June, Moonlight Murders from June-October, and Doctor in November for NaNoWriMo 2010.

I hope to finish the rewrites/edits for The Phoenix Prophetess by March and Virtuoso by May.

I plan to write at least twelve short stories this year. My goal is on average one a month, but I might double up some months to get them all in. I have a list of anthologies that I want to submit a story to.

I hope by June to be able to submit query letters to agents for the Phoenix Trilogy (The Phoenix Prophetess, The Phoenix Sorceress, The Phoenix Queen) and the Riverwood Trilogy (Virtuoso, Doctor, Percussionist).

I had five successes (acceptances) last year, and I hope to improve upon it for this year.

I wrote over 220,000 words last year, I hope to make it to 250,000 this year.

Overall, I just want to grow as a writer and a reader.

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