Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rejection and Submission

"Soul Survivor" was rejected by Emerald Tales last week. Here is what was said:

I apologize for the delay in giving you an answer to your submission. It is with great difficulty that I pass on your story "Soul Survivor". It is a wonderful story, but it's not a good fit with Emerald Tales. Good luck submitting it elsewhere. It will find it's proper home.


Diana Lyles

CEO Scribblers and Ink Spillers, LLC

I have to say that this is the nicest rejection letter I've ever received. I went back through the story, made some edits/rewrites. I changed the story from first to third person, and today I submitted it to Pill Hill Press for their The Bitter End: Tales of Nautical Terror anthology. The deadline is October 31, so I likely won't hear from them until the end of November. I do think my rewrites have made the story better, so we'll have to see. *crosses fingers*

I haven't heard from anywhere else yet about my stories. I should know by the end of next week about two of them ("Hell Has No Fury" and "Bella's Battle").

In other news, I'm working on "Hounded" for The Beast Within 2: Beasts Unleashed. I also have been thinking a lot about Moonlight Murders, and I hope to get to it soon. I have several more short stories planned for various anthologies, including another submission for Emerald Tales: Winter Solstice, which will be an ancient Roman horror story called "Io, Saturnalia." I will likely work on it after "Hounded," but we'll have to see how things go. Of course, I'll be working on the rewrites/edits for The Phoenix Prophetess in the meantime. Writing never seems to end, does it?


Aubrie said...

That is a nice rejection letter! I like the change of scenery in your blog. This choice is very professional looking. Are you going to keep it?

Good luck with Hounded! I'm sitting here waiting to read it!

Cherie Reich said...

Yes, I am going to keep the change. I really like it. And, I've been working on "Hounded". I finished the first part, and I have three more parts to the story to go. I hope to get a chance to write the next part today and hopefully will finish it Saturday and send it off to you and Christine to critique.

Aubrie said...

Is it scary?

Cherie Reich said...

The first part isn't, but it gets scarier, I think. It's a little more mystery with a bit of horror/thriller thrown in.