Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Phoenix Prophetess - Chapter Twenty-Nine

Today I finished writing chapter twenty-nine in The Phoenix Prophetess. Currently, my novel is 72,175 words long. I know once I get to the editing process of my novel that things will be cut, so I expect it to be a little shorter than what I have now. I'm really excited about this novel. It was the first novel I started and continued to write. I've been working on it for almost six months. I have eight chapters left to go, and the first draft will be finished.


Aubrie said...

This is a great website! Now I want you to sing for me....I didn't know you were a vocalist!

Cherie Reich said...

*laughs* Well, I haven't practiced in a long time. I used to sing opera actually, but I haven't done any of that in over six years. I do promise however that if we ever meet in real life, then I will sing for you.