Wednesday, June 15, 2016

#SpecFic Bookworm News: A Review of Rachel Morgan's Scarlett #ya #fantasy

Scarlett by Rachel Morgan

Scarlett by Rachel Morgan
Beth must embrace her powers or be controlled by them in Rachel Morgan's Scarlett. This story is a companion tale for Morgan's Creepy Hollow series and tells how the character Scarlett came into her magical powers. What I loved most about this book is Beth's transformation into Scarlett. In the beginning, she's terrified of what her awakening powers can do and ostracized for it, even from her own kind, but she finds a way to embrace herself. The repetition of "I am independent. I am strong. I am powerful." speaks to Scarlett, and those three simple sentences hold power we can believe in. If you are a fan of the Creepy Hollow series or young adult paranormal books, then you won't want to miss out on reading Scarlett by Rachel Morgan.

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On Monday, June 13, I was over at Christine Rains' blog sharing some of my favorite parallel universes/alternate history books, TV shows, and movies.

Don't forget People of Foxwick and Their Neighbors is 99c for the month of June!

A reminder: #SpecFic Bookworm News is moving to the first Wednesday of the month in July. See this post for an explanation why.

I'd also like to say that my heart has been heavy since hearing about the mass shooting in Orlando at Pulse. As someone who did a little bit of clubbing back in the day, the gay clubs were always the best and most welcoming. My heart breaks for their friends and family. The brilliant Lin-Manuel Miranda (of Hamilton fame) wrote a beautiful, emotional sonnet for his acceptance speech that mentioned the tragedy. If you haven't seen it, you should.

(And a big shout out to Hamilton for their eleven Tony Awards! Even though I can't afford spending over two weeks' salary on a ticket to the show right now, just you wait, just you wait.)


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Saw you at Christine's on Monday.
Sorry, I've never watched Hamilton, but that's an impressive amount of wins.

M.J. Fifield said...

I'm not very familiar with Hamilton, which sounds weird when I go on to say that this is in spite of me being a big fan of Lin-Manuel Miranda. But after watching their live performance as well as Lin's acceptance speech sonnet, I'm sure I will soon be entirely obsessed with it.

Heather R. Holden said...

Your guest post at Christine's was great! :)

And I agree, Lin-Manuel Miranda's speech was beautiful. Hope you get the opportunity to see Hamilton one of these days! It'd no doubt be an amazing experience...

Crystal Collier said...

Amen about Orlando. It's heartbreaking what happened.

I'll go check out your guest post--you know how much I love parallel universes and alternate histories. =)

Natalie Aguirre said...

Enjoyed your guest post. And yes, what happened in Orlando was such a heartbreaking tragedy. So sad how much senseless, random killing is going on so frequently in our country.

Christine Rains said...

It's wonderful hosting you on my blog! :) Fantastic review for Rachel, and that sonnet was beautiful.

Mark said...

Awesome! I love Rachel's stuff and thanks for the list of upcoming releases too:)

Kelly Steel said...

Awesome review for Rachel's Scarlett. I read your post about parallel universe in stories.

Nas said...

Great review of Scarlett by Rachel Morgan.

Jeff Chapman said...

Great review. Creepy Hollow is an awesome title for a series.

M Pax said...

I'm mega curious about the Alexander Hamilton musical.

I really did love your Foxwick stories. Folks need to read them.

Anonymous said...

I still have to read your guest post at Christine's blog. I was super tired that day and didn't do much blog hopping.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to read Rachel's book. I'll check out the sonnet.

Leandra Wallace said...

I listened to Lin's sonnet and the love is love is love brought tears to my eyes. And seeing his wife's face after he said it was super emotional too.

Meradeth Houston said...

So many books I want to read! And I'll have to go check out the sonnet. Everything that has been on the news about Pulse just breaks my heart.

DMS said...

I have to pop over to Christine's blog to see you there! I agree with you that my heart breaks when I hear about what happened at Pulse. So sad for everyone.

On a lighter note- Scarlett sounds like a fascinating book. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Scarlett sounds great. So exciting for Rachel. :)

Cathy Keaton said...

I didn't even know Rachel had published another Creepy Hollow book. Good for her! Thanks for the review of it. ;)

Tamara Narayan said...

This Hamilton phenomenon is interesting to read about. I wonder if they'll make a movie for 'the rest of us' to see.

The Orlando tragedies are hard to escape. I never was a club person, but I have been to Disney twice now. As a parent, I ache for that family. Then again, all the victims had parents. Dark days indeed.

cleemckenzie said...

These horrible killings have affected everyone I talk to. They've certainly affected me.

I must see Hamilton. I've heard nothing but excellent things about it.

emaginette said...

Pulse was horrible. I can't comprehend the mind of a mass murderer and don't want to. I just wish they would quit killing innocent people.

Anna from elements of emaginette

Carol Riggs said...

Great review of Rachel's book! I wish I had time to read more of her books; I enjoyed the one I read (the first in the series, I believe). Yes, the mass shooting was horrible, to say the least. Sad. Seems nowhere is safe these days. I guess I'm out of the loop as far as Hamilton; had my nose in book edits instead. :)

Kelly Steel said...

Awesome review. Who can really know what goes in the minds of murderers and sociopaths?

Nicola said...

My heart goes out to everyone affected by the terrible news in Orlando.

Great review again, Cherie. I must check out Rachel's books.

Take good care and cherish every moment of every day.

Kelly Steel said...

It's heartbreaking what happened in Orlando.

Shannon Lawrence said...

I've got some friends really struggling with the shooting right now. They live in a world that's scarier than it is for the rest of us.