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Bookworm News / Wattpad Wednesdays: Reborn Chapter 7


Batman Eternal #1 by Scott Snyder and James T. Tynion IV
A Fatal Frame of Mind by William Rabkin
The Paper Magician by Charlie N. Holmberg
Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson
Mitosis by Brandon Sanderson


Batman Eternal #1 by Scott Snyder and James T. Tynion IV
Scott Snyder and James T. Tynion IV's Batman Eternal #1 is a brand new story featuring Batman and Gotham City. I don't read many comic books, but Batman has always been my favorite hero, so I jumped at the change to read the first comic in this new series. The storyline hooked me immediately. A new detective is coming to town. Gordon is in trouble, and Batman might not be able to stop the new villains on the streets of Gotham. My only complaint is I wanted more and am looking forward to getting Volume One when it's out. If you're a Batman fan, then you won't want to miss this new comic book series Batman Eternal by Scott Snyder and others.

A Fatal Frame of Mind by William Rabkin
Our favorite "psychic" Shawn Spencer and his partner Gus find their new case not quite so picture perfect in William Rabkin's A Fatal Frame of Mind. Although probably the best written of the first four Psych books, this novel took a bit longer to get into the case. I enjoyed having more Lassiter in this book than the previous ones. Shawn and Gus are written just like they are on the show, which is a plus. The exploits are a bit zany, and I enjoyed the theories on conspiracy theorists. If you're a fan of the show, then you won't want to miss William Rabkin's A Fatal Frame of Mind.

The Paper Magician by Charlie N. Holmberg
Ceony Twill may have wanted to bespell metal, but working with paper magic changes her world in Charlie N. Holmberg's The Paper Magician. The mysterious and handsome Magician Thane intrigued me. I enjoyed Ceony's character as well. She's a bit awkward at times but quite brilliant. I absolutely want a paper dog too. Having enjoyed working with origami, I loved how Holmberg uses paper magic. I wish I could've seen more of the world Holmberg has created and hope she'll explore it more in the next books of the series. My only complaint is the pace was a little too slow at times, but I'm glad I stuck with it. The Paper Magician by Charlie N. Holmberg intrigues with its unique magic and will bespell your heart.

Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson
David has waited ten years to get his revenge on the Epic Steelheart, but will his plan work in Brandon Sanderson's Steelheart? This novel reminded me--in a good way--a lot of Sanderson's Mistborn series: an evil lord ruling and a group set out to destroy him. I enjoyed the futuristic setting of Chicago, or Newcago in the book. Epics seem like the the ultimate villains, and yet my opinion of them changed throughout the progression of the story. David craves revenge; it's his obsession, but I loved his growth and how he realizes what is more important. Each of the Reckoners was unique and their own person. I love working out the theories and plans as the novel goes along. Nothing is quite what it seems in Sanderson's work. He always makes me think, and I love that about his novels. If you want a different take on supervillains--or superheroes, depending how you look at them--I highly recommend Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson.

Mitosis by Brandon Sanderson
The Reckoners may have claimed Newcago, but can they keep the city in Brandon Sanderson's Mitosis? David and his friends are doing their best for Newcago in this short story, but a new Epic has arrived and wants to know what really happened to Steelheart. I enjoyed this short story a lot. We get a bit more background about David and learn something that may be useful against Epics in the future. If you enjoyed Steelheart, then I highly recommend whetting your appetite with Mitosis by Brandon Sanderson while we wait for Firefight to come out.


What a powerful cover for C. Lee McKenzie's newest novel!
Double Negative by C. Lee McKenzie
Sixteen-year-old Hutch McQueen is a smart kid who can barely read. He makes one bad choice after another, trying to find a way to escape his rotten life at home and at school. Each time he gets into more trouble.
Young Adult Contemporary/Realistic Fiction
Available: July 25 from EvernightTeen  


Twisted Earths is a collection of tales from Untethered Realms, a group of speculative fiction authors. The stories are as varied and rich as the types of soil on this and other planets—sandy loam, clay, knotted with roots and vines, dreaded paths through unexplored planets, and in enchanted forests, lit by candlelight and two moons.

M. Pax, author of the series, The Backworlds and The Rifters spins a tale called Patchworker 2.0. Specialists with digital interfaces are the only ones who can distinguish between biological energy and mechanical pulses, and “patch” AIs, which hold the world together. Patchworker Evalyn Shore meets up with an AI with deadly intent.

Cherie Reich, known for her epic fantasy series The Fate Challenges and The Foxwick Chronicles, presents Lady Death. Umbria, a beautiful and powerful swordsmith, is given an impossible task by her brother Leon when he asks, “You are the assassin. Are you scared to destroy Death when you are up to your elbows in it?”

Angela Brown is the author of the paranormal Shadow Jumpers and NEO Chronicles series. In her story, In The Know, Jacob, a loyal family man is struggling to stay out of debt when he’s hired to report on big plans for a future Detroit. He’s given a mysterious manila envelope with instructions to “open it alone” or pay the price. With switchback twists you won’t see coming, a debt of a much steeper cost is what he just might end up paying for his involvement.

Catherine Stine, author of the futuristic thrillers, Fireseed One and Ruby’s Fire, offers The Day of The Flying Dogs, a sinister tale of brilliant, troubled NYC high-school student, Theo. He experiences a day at Coney Island that includes drugs, delusions, a lonely capybara, Nathan’s hotdogs and a mind-bending lesson in our very twisted universe.

Christine Rains, known best for her paranormal series The Thirteenth Floor, gives us The Ole Saint, a story at once sweet, horrific and heartrending. Ezra longs to fit in and have boys stop calling him witch and freak, yet his unique supernatural skill sets him apart, and the last gift from The Ole Saint cinches the deal.

Graeme Ing, known for his young adult fantasy, Ocean of Dust presents The Malachite Mine, a gripping, scream-inducing ride. Whatever was Mary thinking when she accepted her husband’s gift of a most terrifying twenty-first birthday celebration in an abandoned Russian mine?

River Fairchild, author of her Jewels of Chandra series, presents A Grand Purpose. Rosaya and her cousin, Drianna are soon to be married off, but Rosaya is unhappy with her assigned match. She’s much more intoxicated by the older Firrandor, a wizard she hardly knows. When Rosaya is accused of killing an oracle boy, all bets are off, not only for her love, but her freedom.

Gwen Gardner, who pens the cozy paranormal mystery series, Indigo Eady, adds to her collection with Ghostly Guardian. Indigo and her rib-tickling ghost-busters must travel to a dangerous pirate-laden past in order to unearth a curmudgeonly eighteenth century spirit that is plaguing the Blind Badger Pub.

Misha Gerrick, whose War of Six Crowns series is forthcoming, gives us a story called Red Earth and White Light. Emily, a young ghost bride has long haunted a house. She longs to cross over into the afterlife, but she’s trapped in memories of lilies and betrayal.

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Minstrel’s Serenade by Aubrie Dionne
The Real Thing by Cassie Mae
Fool’s Assassin by Robin Hobb
Don’t Look Back by Gregg Hurwitz
The Frozen Dead by Bernard Minier
Paw and Order by Spencer Quinn
Bagman by William Lashner
Shadow Warrior by Jay Noel
Induction Day by PK Hrezo
One Kick by Chelsea Cain
Necromancer by Graeme Ing
The Lost Island by Douglas Preston
Tabula Rasa by Ruth Downie
The Aftermath by Jen Alexander
The Rifters by M. Pax

It's time to put up another chapter of Reborn on Wattpad. You can click here to start at the beginning or click here for Chapter Seven.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

The cover for your anthology is just awesome!
I dig fantasy, but I admit I've just never gotten into Sanderson. Maybe I'll have to try another one of his books.

Crystal Collier said...

WOW. So many awesome reviews. I second Alex's thoughts on that cover. Epic. Truly Epic.

M Pax said...

I'll have to try Sanderson when I get a chance. I'm trying to keep my brain from exploding at the moment. lol

Loni Townsend said...

I've got the Sanderson books on my list, but there are a few more ahead of it. Guess I'll have a treat when I get to them!

Anonymous said...

I can't get over how awesome the anthology cover is. Beautiful!

DMS said...

Twisted Earths has an amazing cover. SOOOO beautiful and interesting. The stories inside sound just as good. :) I look forward to checking it out.

I always enjoy your reviews- I hadn't heard of any of the books you read- so it was great to learn about them. Thanks for sharing!

Christine Rains said...

I love your reviews! I'm excited about Twisted Earths coming out. It's an excellent anthology.

Jocelyn Rish said...

Those are two great covers! C. Lee McKenzie's is very powerful - the body language of the model says so much. And the one for Twisted Earth is hauntingly beautiful. Great job!

Cathy Keaton said...

Wow, that cover for Twisted Earths is totally awesome! Congrats on being a part of a really cool anthology like that. ;)

TBM said...

I love Sanderson, but I haven't read those two ... yet

Unknown said...

Wow. I'm currently reading about one chapter a night (if I'm lucky), and you're getting through five books in a month! Awesome!

And I love that cover for TWISTED EARTHS!

Unknown said...

Wow, Cherie... I love the cover of Twisted Earths and it sounds super interesting! And what a great lineup of authors who contributed to this anthology. I wish you all the best of luck! I would add this to my TBR but I think I have all I can handle at the moment... including your book Reborn and I would really love to read C. Lee's Double Negative. So many good reads for the Fall! Thanks for sharing all of your book reviews!

Heather R. Holden said...

Loving these covers! Also, so impressed by all the books you've read! My reading slump lately makes even just one book a month a huge task, haha...

Sherry Ellis said...

I'd like to read the Batman book. Those are some great reviews you posted. Love the covers on those books, too!

Catherine Stine said...

Sanderson's future Chicago sounds good!

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with that cover. I'll add the book on Goodreads.

Shah Wharton said...

Oh, let me promote Twisted Earth! Love the cover and I just know the stories will zing! :)

Lots of great reviews. Wish I could read / review more (I read every day, but in drabs and slowly).

cleemckenzie said...

You did one heavy duty post, Cherie. All these books and reviews. Very impressive.

Thanks for giving Double Negative a shout out. That was wonderful.

Morgan said...

Ooooo… Twisted Earths looks SO GOOD!!!!!! So my kind of thing. And what a helpful post, having this all organized like this. Thanks, Cherie!

Lab Wall said...

The anthology cover is fabulous! :) And I hope you've been feeling better, Cherie.

Anonymous said...

I've always been a big fan of Batman, too -- I'll have to check out the volume when it's released. And yes indeed, a mighty fine-lookin' antho!

Nas said...

Great covers, looks awesome! Very impressive post too!

Nicole said...

That cover is breathtaking!! Huge kudos to everyone involved. I enjoyed Steelheart too. That first chapter is so gripping!

Kelly Steel said...

I have so many books to go through and I can just manage one chapter a day among other work.

You did great reading so many!

Mark Murata said...

I don't read comic books much either, but I enjoyed the more serious Batman/Superman animated serious that was showing some years ago.