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Bookworm News: May / Wattpad Wednesdays: Reborn Chapter One



The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson
Reborn by Cherie Reich (For the fifth time or more this year!)
Snip, Snip Revenge by Medeia Sharif


The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson
The epic conclusion of the Mistborn Trilogy, The Hero of Ages, by Brandon Sanderson does not disappoint. This novel was filled with so many twists and turns and grand revelations, which had be thinking, "Well played, Mr. Sanderson," as I read it. The well-written characters have become some of my all-time favorites, particularly Vin and Sazed. I think Spook grew the most of all the characters, and I felt for Sazed, who struggled to find himself again. The plot and world-building were phenomenal. The pace slowed a little with some overwriting and repetition, but it wasn't bothersome enough to knock this book down a star. Brandon Sanderson's The Hero of Ages is now my favorite book of the series, and I can't wait to read more from this extraordinary author.

Snip, Snip Revenge by Medeia Sharif
Tabby Karim defines herself by her glorious mane, but can she overcome a hair tragedy in Medeia Sharif's Snip, Snip Revenge. Tabby is a strong and often defiant character. She gets into more trouble than she knows what to do with, but her life has never been easy. She craves attention, even the bad kind, as she's easily ignored by her family. Tabby's voice sometimes sounds more grown up than her age, but considering her background, it makes sense at times she would sound more adult. I enjoyed how she craved being an actress, although I wish we had seen more theater scenes. The strength of the novel comes in Tabby's relationship with her friends. Here we see how she really is. The romance is light, and the plot is fast paced. I really felt for Tabby when she had to get her hair cut too. If I had hair like that, I'd never want it mutilated the way it was. I cried along with her. A great novel of revenge and personal growth, Snip, Snip Revenge by Medeia Sharif should stand center stage on your to-read lists.


Ty Burdin is to back drinking as well as everything he vowed never to get involved with again. Question is, which one will kill him first? The booze, the demons, or the Agency?
Isn't this a great cover! Alexander Nader's Burdin of Choice will debut on November 10, 2014 by J. Taylor Publishing.

SNIP, SNIP REVENGE by Medeia Sharif
YA Contemporary, Evernight Teen
Release Date April 25, 2014

Beautiful, confident Tabby Karim has plans for the winter: nab a role in her school’s dramatic production, make the new boy Michael hers, and keep bigoted Heather—with her relentless Ay-rab comments—at bay. When a teacher’s lie and her father’s hastiness rob her of her beautiful hair, her dreams are dashed. The fastest barber in Miami Beach has made her look practically bald. 

With all her pretty hair gone, Tabby doesn’t believe she fits the feminine role she’s auditioning for. Michael is still interested in her, but he’s playing it cool. Heather has taken to bullying her online, which is easier to do with Tabby’s ugly haircut. Tabby spearheads Operation Revenge, which proves satisfying until all of her problems deepen. After messing up, she sets to make things right.

I’m a Kurdish-American author who was born in New York City, and I presently call Miami my home. I received my master’s degree in psychology from Florida Atlantic University. After becoming a voracious reader in high school and a relentless writer dabbling in many genres in college, I found my niche writing for young people. Today I'm a MG and YA writer published through various presses. In addition to being a writer, I'm a middle school English teacher. My memberships include Mensa, ALAN, and SCBWI.

Find Medeia
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CHIMERAS is the first in a mystery series featuring LAPD Detective Track Presius, a modern Philip Marlowe with an obsession for smells.
Haunted by the girl he couldn't save in his youth, and the murder he committed to avenge her, Detective Track Presius has a unique gift: the vision and sense of smell of a predator. When a series of apparently unrelated murders reel him into the depths of genetic research, Track feels more than a call to duty. Children are dying, children who, like himself, could have been healthy, and yet something, at some point, went terribly wrong. For Track, saving the innocent becomes a quest for redemption. The only way he can come to terms with his dark past is to understand his true nature.

Author Bio: E.E. Giorgi is a scientist, a writer, and a photographer. She spends her days analyzing genetic data, her evenings chasing sunsets, and her nights pretending she's somebody else. On her blog (, E.E. discusses science for the curious mind, especially the kind that sparks fantastic premises and engaging stories. Her detective thriller CHIMERAS, a hard-boiled police procedural with a genetic twist, is now available on Amazon (

A year after she won the battle for Septily, Clara feels trapped in Skycliff by the Allied Council. As the last pieces of information about the Healing Caves fall into place, Clara is attacked by an assassin. Covert Drinaii mercenaries and the Council aren’t going to stop Clara from her quest to heal her broken blade. As Champion of Aramatir, she must act.

Meanwhile, in the joint kingdoms of Rrysorria and Wylandria, the youngest and still cursed swan prince despairs of ever being whole again. In a moment of anger and desperation, Liam discovers a blood link between him and a dark sorceress.

Clara won the battle for Septily, but her battle isn’t over. 

Champion in Flight is the second book in The Champion Trilogy. 

Author Bio: Tyrean Martinson lives and writes in the Pacific Northwest. Dragonfold and Other Adventures, and Light Reflections showcase her short stories and poetry. She is currently at work on the third novel of The Champion Trilogy: Champion’s Destiny.

Tyrean Martinson can be found online at 
At twitter 
At Facebook

Reborn by Cherie Reich 
Steering Toward Normal by Rebecca Petruck 
An American Girl in Italy by Aubrie Dionne 
Broken Hearts, Fences, and Other Things to Mend by Katie Finn 
Torn Away by Jennifer Brown 
Leverage by Nancy S. Thompson 
Then and Always by Dani Atkins
 If I Forget You by Michelle D. Argyle
Lucky Break by Jenn Nixon
Crown of Renewal by Elizabeth Moon
Close Reach by Jonathan Moore
A Creature of Moonlight by Rebecca Hahn
The Doomsday Kids: Liam's Promise by Karyn Langhorne Folan
The Metaxy Project by Layton Green
Blur by Steven James
Plaster City by Johnny Shaw
Caged Warrior by Alan Lawrence Sitomer
Steele Your Soul by Decadent Kane
Cruise by Suzanne Vermeer
Happenstance by Jamie McGuire
The Kraken Project by Douglas Preston
Frisky Business by Tawna Fenske
Elemental Rush by Elana Johnson

Every first and third Wednesday starting on May 7, 2014, I'll be releasing a chapter of Reborn on Wattpad. Click here to start at the beginning or click here for Chapter One.
Also, since Reborn will be on tour from May 23 - June 23, my blogging schedule is changing to three times a week (Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays) starting this Friday. Wednesdays will contain my usual content, but I'll be sharing tidbits about Reborn as well as where I'm at on all those days.


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Congratulations to the authors with new releases! Medeia will be happy with that review.

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Congrats authors!

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Hmmm, my first attempt disappeared. Here's goes the second. I love Sanderson and really enjoyed the Mistborn Series. Currently, I'm reading his Words of Radiance.

Also, I really enjoyed Snip, Snip Revenge. Such a fun book.

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Congratulations to all the authors! Lots of great news this month. And so close to REBORN's official release date!!!

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So many wonderful books. Congrats on your book out this week! Woot woot! I'm in the woods now and am really enjoying the 'natives'.

Congrats on the covers and new releases. Chimera's cover really stands out.

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Congratulations, Cherie and to all the authors with new releases!

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Congrats to all the authors with new releases!

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Thanks for the reviews! Can't wait to read Medeia's book. Best wishes for REBORN!!! It looks great too, and not just the outstanding cover.

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Medeia's book is really good. I just finished reading it.

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Great reviews! I've seen Snip, Snip Revenge all over the blogosphere lately, and you've only made me more intrigued about it!

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thanks so much for posting about my books Cherie and best of luck with Reborn, the cover art is fantastic and so is your writing!!