Monday, September 3, 2012

Book Chat: Birthday Centennial of Syd Hoff and a Reminder of my Labor Day Sale


My favorite childhood book was Danny and the Dinosaur by Syd Hoff. What could be better than visiting museums and dinosaurs coming to life? Although I never became a paleontologist or a museum curator--both jobs I considered by reading that one book--it gave me so much joy for reading.

I've moved on to reading many different books since those early childhood years, but Danny and the Dinosaur and Syd Hoff always stood out.

Tomorrow, September 4th is Syd Hoff's birthday centennial. He wrote and illustrated children's books, and if you take a look at his website, I'm sure you'll see some you read as children, or read to your children, as well.

What I didn't realize is he did much more than write children's books. He illustrated cartoons. He wrote mystery short stories, and he wrote books with historical themes. According to his biography, he said in a 1982 newspaper article, "I like to make kids laugh.  A lot of people think it’s easy to write for children, but children are critical and have their own requirements.  They know immediately whether a book is ‘real’ or not.  It can be fantasy, but it must be believable."

(It's something that we authors must remember.)

Have you read Syd Hoff's work? 

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'm sure I read several of his books when I was young.

S.A. Larsenッ said...

I remember reading that book when I was a kid. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! LUV your cover, BTW.

Gwen Gardner said...

I don't recall reading any of his books, but Danny and the Dinosaur looks fun:)

M.J. Fifield said...

My siblings and I were big fans of Danny and the Dinosaur when we were younger. I'm sure my mother still has our copy in the house somewhere.

J.L. Royal said...

I had that book when I was little and I loved reading it. I wonder if my mom still has it stashed somewhere.

Golden Eagle said...

Oh, Syd Hoff? I don't think I ever read Danny and the Dinosaur (maybe I did . . . sounds a bit familiar) but I loved some of his other stories when I was little, especially The Horse in Harry's Room.

Ava Quinn said...

I had (and still have) a passel of Syd Hoff children's books. My favorites (besides Danny and the Dinosaur) were Sammy the Seal, Chester and Stanley. Great stuff!

Your cover for Women of Foxwick is beautiful!

Nicole said...

I like that last quote from Syd Hoff!